[Help Needed] Crashing Problem!

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  1. How do I reinstall my graphic drivers?
  2. I was told to update my graphic drivers and I did now to see if MC works!
  3. Start by upgrading Java. If I saw right you're using 1.8.0_25 whereas the current version is 1.8.0_91. That's the first place to start IMO. Next: are you using vanilla or using mods? That can be another issue in itself.


    Now read through the rest of the thread, I think its a little premature to put the blame on the GPU, esp. when using an outdated Java version.
  4. Yay, thx everyone for your help!! MC is now working for me no more crashing I just had to update my graphic drivers :3
  5. Normally I wouldn't suspect the GPU if it wasn't an Intel one. Intel GPUs have a tendency to leak memory often due to faulty drivers. Source here.
  6. Even so I still suggest you also upgrade Java, that's also bound to keep things running a little more smoothly.

    Yah, I'm aware of those issues. Thing is; an outdated Java version, esp. in the 1.8 range, can often also cause unwanted behavior. That's why I always start there.
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  7. I see where you're coming from. :) I probably should of suggested updating java first, but you should also keep your drivers up to date. So I guess we killed two birds with one stone with this. :p
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  8. I don't think I've ever installed Java on my laptop, but I still can play Minecraft on it just fine. How does that work? :p
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  9. When I got my computer, it was preinstalled as a co-op app. Now, it simply automatically updates. Not sure 'bout you, though.
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  10. Forgot to add this, oopsie :p: the laptop has a fresh (as in, I put a clean one on it) installation of Windows 7. :)
  11. Simple, you're not playing Minecraft but you're actually in a first person shooter. But having become so accustomed to EMC your brain somehow makes it look as if you're playing Minecraft.

    That's the only explanation which makes sense to me. Well, maybe pre-installed Java versions also sound logical but.. naah: FPS :D
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  12. Hmm, interesting thought, but, do you know that TomvanWijnen3 dude you spoke to recently? He was playing on my laptop... :p and I know for a fact there is no preinstalled version on my install.
  13. One easy way to find out... Check your installed programs section => Win-R and then enter "appwiz.cpl" (without the "") and look there.

    Or open a commandline (cmd.exe) and then use echo %path and the truth should be revealed also ;)

    But something tells me that you know exactly what's going on...
  14. I actually have no idea lol, but I'll try that at home. :) (also, I remembered that I did maybe install it... hmm, now I'm doubting myself :p)
  15. The plot thickens :)
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