Minecraft 1.3.1 On EMC???

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  1. There Has Been A Few Changes To Minecraft Single Player And Multiplayer, Mostly to do with items
    But Now I Can't Join An EMC Server, I Was Wondering When Will It Change??

    You Can Keep A Minecraft Journal In The Writable Books In 1.3.1
    Emeralds To Trade With Villagers For Items
    Trip-Wire Hooks
    String Is Place-able As Trip-Wire
    Jungle + Desert Temples
    Cocoa Beans Found In Jungle Biomes
    And Much More, I Wish EMC Would Hurry Up :p xD xD xDD
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  3. I wish EMC would hurry up too, but they can't. We have to get a stable 1.3.1 version of CraftBukkit, and debug every single plugin. But don't worry... the staff is working their tails off to get us updated.
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  4. Its not their fault that EMC has not updated yet.. It isn't Bukkit's fault either.. It isn't even Mojang's. They (Bukkit) got the code the same day as us could have gotten it because they are not technically affiliated with Mojang.. There are legal issues to them getting the full release code prior as such.. They of course had the prelease codes which do differ slightly from the actual release code. And as with any type of programming there has to be extensive testing involved to hammer out bugs as with a couple of the major bugs I have already heard about with the dev builds.. Before a stable build can be released. You wouldn't want them to rush into 1.3.1 without bukkit.. Not having bukkit, we would likely lose several important plugins that generally keep order here.. And dev builds have issues rolling over to stable builds, so even if we did get the dev build, there would likely be a major rollback when the stable build does get released..
  5. if i could i would like this comment over and over lol
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  6. Actually, Bukkit are all Mojang Employees now for the whole reason of bringing Bukkit love to MC, so Bukkit team knows exactly whats changing in the code and pretty much has a heads up on what they have to update to get Bukkit up and running now.

    The only difference is they still have to wait until the final build that has been obfuscated in order to update bukkit according to the obfuscated code.
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  7. Has that changed, because I thought bukkit was a bunch of people not affiliated with mojang...
  8. autumnrain is correct. Official statement from EvilSeph:

    The Bukkit team joined Mojang to help develop a new API. Bukkit is still its own developing community.
  9. Just download SpoutCraft.
  10. WHAT do you mean?
  11. Search SpoutCraft, download it, open it, log on, play EMC
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  12. When 1.3 comes I will write a Recipe for pumpkin pie, apple pie, and other deserts :confused:
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