Minecon 2016!

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Are you going to go?

Yes 4 vote(s) 10.5%
No 34 vote(s) 89.5%
  1. It is here.

    Are you gonna come?
  2. Only if I can get on a horse back carriage there with my Amish friends. Oh wait...:oops:
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  3. Its too far for me to go, why don't they have it in Toronto ever?
  4. They can't handle your cities awesomeness, that's why :p
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  5. I'll go as soon as they repeal dual wielding and shields.
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  6. Funny thing.... I don't live there..... its just the closest biggest city. hehe
  7. I am gonna try and make it to Minecon this year, as its only like an hour away from me :p Anyone have an idea when tickets go on sale?
  8. Minecon seems really awkward and poorly planned in every video I've seen from it. I've thought about taking my son, but it doesn't really seem worth the money.
  9. Where did you see videos of it?
  10. They have videos of past years on YouTube.
  11. since its in south California ill probably try to go
  12. go to mojang.com, they have everything.
  13. Too far away from me, but then again, even when it was in London, I still didn't go. Even if distance wasn't a matter, the prices and times tickets are available are other off-putting factors. I'm sure it's great fun, but I didn't see the worth in it myself last year :p Maybe I'll go one day, but this is another one I'll be passing on :rolleyes:
  14. I can't go ;-; That is like, 8 states away from me? I have always wanted to go to cali but ehh...
  15. No. Even living in BC, the expense of the tickets, traveling and hotels will be too pricey.
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  16. May have to take a road trip! 2000 miles one way!
  17. Darn, why you do dis Minecon?! Too far aay from me...
  18. I am considering taking a road trip for this. I'll have to see my college schedule... It honestly depends.

    I just want to go for the cape xD
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  19. I think if were to ever give advice to anyone thinking of going it would be to definitely do it.
    When I went last time around I enjoyed the event and the general atmosphere of being there (even for my first convention/voluntary work) and it certainly was not as bad as those videos make it out to be. Please try to be aware that these "cringe" videos focus on all the awkward things that are said and done and not the good stuff, which there are many more videos detailing.
    Heck, if pricing is an issue for yourself, consider applying to be an Agent when they open applications. Yes, you will have to "work" one of the convention days but you will then be allowed to attend the other day for free, it's what I did :cool:
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  20. I expect to see that rainbow hair there then.
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