MineChat isn't working?

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  1. I downloaded MineChat and got on the server (using MineChat)
    And I can see the ruppe bonus thing that always pops
    Up every time you log on but I can't see the chat
    Why can't I see other msgs?
  2. EMC uses code that isn't compatible with MineChat. There's nothing you can do.
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  3. Hmm ok ;)

    Added the picture just cuase I can XD
  4. MineChat does not work. MC Connect works, though.
  5. I need help signing into it XD
  6. use the specific server you want to sign into when you set it up. I always use smp6.emc.gs i think
  7. Ok so there's one tiny problem
    Apparently my password isn't correct XD
  8. I think it is empire.smp6.us I don't know for sure though
  9. So I reset my password
    And tryed to log in on MC chat
    Here is EXACTLY what I put in
    Password: B************
    ( not showing ya me password XD)
    And its not letting me in D:
    Help meh pweas
  10. Try your email instead of a username. You likely registered with your email when buying the game or have already migrated your account.
  11. Ok I got in but now I'm doing something wrong apparently?

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  12. Where it says "Type MC 1.7.6-1.7.9" choose "MC 1.7.5" It works fine but if you are in the frontier or wastelands you can be killed, so build an AFK safe room. I left mine running overnight once and nearly starved to death. I didn't even know you could get hungry if you don't move, but I was taking hunger damage when I logged in by PC. Now my AFK safe room has hoppers under it to catch my stuff if I die. ;)
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  13. .emc.gs is preferred over .empire.us for everything now.
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  14. I believe its the protocol hacks that Spigot uses making MineChat incompatible.
  15. Like I stated above, it is compatible if you tell it it's a 1.7.5 server. I use it all the time.
  16. I don't think it has to do with protocol hacks, but more specifically our rich chat messages I know caused it problems before. The fact rupee shows up on login but not the rest makes me believe its having trouble with the fancy chats.

    Minechat or MC connect?

    I dont think chat protocol changed, so I dont see why setting a specific server version would fix Minechat.
  17. suggestion: the system should block the log-in message that MC Connect sends when someone joins via mc connect (as it does with minechat)
  18. what does it say exactly and I will.
  19. I'm chatting on my iPhone using MC Connect for Minecraft! Check it out, it's free :)

    BTW, MC Connect works; Minechat doesn't - you can see the chat on MC Connect
  20. I know it crashes when doing any commands with menus such.