Middle school.

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  1. Anybody else have pregnat 7th graders in their school cause i do!
  2. What?????
    Thats crazy!!!!
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  3. ... what ...
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  4. WTF????!!!!
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  5. yeah bro get used to it once u get in highschool bro kids be gettin knocked up all day
    -hey cant say i havnt before
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  6. ya i was like wtf when i found out and our highschool has a babysitting service just for the students that have babys.
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  7. I've lost all hope in societies standards these days...
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  8. hahah same here
  9. ya me too but if you think that is bad the elementary school k-2 has had to call the cops 20 times this year, to go and catch kids that just run out the doors and also there was a kid in the middle school that knocked out a teacher and sent them to the hospitial. I live in a messed up town.
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  10. yes you do
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  11. and wait ur in 7th grade and 22
  12. ya im in 7th grade but im not 22 not sure why it says that
  13. MTVs new show, 13 and pregnant.

    I simply can not see this is my head. Why, well, as we know, it seems middle school girls are not very tall half the time, so I can not see a girl whos, lets say, 5 foot 5, being nine months pregnant.
  14. There are two obvious reasons for why things are like they are (in the US).

    First of all, schools are effectively prisons, both of the mind and of the body. Most kids can "tolerate" this, though it's harmful to all of them, but a few cannot, and those get seen as "trouble makers". Schools are horrible places for children to be. No liberties, no freedom, no choice, no creativity, no independent thought, and it's pretty much the least conducive environment for learning that's ever been created. If any of you think schools' primary jobs are meant to educate, you should read up on the history of schools. Their main job is to sedate the children and make them "stay in line" for when they start working in the terrible jobs they will get. They do this under the guise of education so the parents won't complain. If you're as interested in this as I am, you should look into the book Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling by John Taylor Gatto. Here's a speech he's given on the matter.

    As for all the pregnancies, well, the reason is called "abstinence sex education". And it's not that they only teach that, they don't teach the alternative, so that when it fails, the adolescents don't know to use any means of birth control, and what happens then? Children!
  15. From 300 " This is Madness"
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  16. One little funny thing about this. When I was in 9th grade. My teacher who was always complaining about what she was forced to teach us, instead of what she felt we needed to know.So she gave us a quiz. Only 2 kids besides myself passed this little quiz she gave. After that she was saddened to mention that the quiz was on a 4th grade level. Though I did go to a school where they only cared about the well behaved IB students and threw the rest of the kids in the trash. I wouldn't know about the sex ed thing. My friends and I had a week of in-school suspension during that period so the teacher wouldn't have to deal with us.
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  17. Umm at the middle school i go to they dont teach abstidence so ya and also about the teaching i have to aggree with the middle and high school have a little more freedom than the elementary schools but not much thya cant even play tag at the elementary schools and in the middle school we cant toss a football and they also focus on the kids that misbehave they reward these kids when there doing what there supposed to only for a little bit but the people who actually do what there supposed all of the time dont get anything.
  18. Do they teach anything at all? Another problem is that schools often start with sex education way too late. I think the age of 10 is the very latest children should start getting introduced to the topic. When I have children, I will make sure they know everything they should know long before they have a chance to make any mistakes.
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  19. class 7 ova here