Method of exercising a cat

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  1. So that means you can't let a cat play with a laser toy without having permissions to do it?
  2. No, but means you cant make a product that users lasers as a cat toy w/o paying royalties, or if the laser itself advertised itself as fun for cats, it could be sued.
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  3. It also works with children aged 6-15:p
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  4. :O Maybe you should get a patent on that.
  5. Dog like them too! I've read somewhere that if you play with your pet with one of these, you should periodically give your pet some sort of reward or treat. I understand that it messes them up to be constantly pursuing but never catching their prey.
  6. isnt it a bit like "catching the prey" when they get a reward after it?
  7. To be honest, even though I'm 14 and I shouldn't be amused by things like this, I love laser pointers o.o
    Seriously though, I feel like a magician using one :p
    You just point somewhere with one then *pop* there's a light there! :eek:
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  8. Exactly. Here is a link to the article in case you are interested:

    I sometimes do this when my dogs are acting like they want to play on days I don't want to go out because it is cold or rainy. Animals can develop a lot of weird behaviors so I figure mixing in some treats with play can't hurt.
  9. That is why i got a dog.
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  10. I will get a patent on breathing
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  11. Awsome , thanks for the article ill read it when my phone stops doing weird..
  12. I see. I thought you baked them into a pie. My bad.
  13. Will buy a patent on exhaling. And walking. And talking. Must pay 10 cents per exhale, step, and word you say.
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  15. Oh yes, Muffins are made of cats. I was simply joking. But I now have another reason to never eat muffins, they are made of cats.
  16. You make no logical sense
  17. You will be paying me 1 $/second

    What a surprise...
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  18. I think that kiwi's are actually probably the best out of these choices. :p
    EDIT: well somehow I messed up with quoting that.. whoops...
  19. Can't people think of more constructive thing to patent these days?
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