Merry Christmas EMC

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  1. Merry Christmas EMC
    In celebration of the season the North Pole has appeared on smp1, offering server store items at discounted prices, in most cases as much as 50% discount!

    The sell signs are scattered and need to be located to be used, currently offered items are:
    TNT, Glowstone, Ice, Snow caps, Sandstone, Stone, Circle stone, Pine sapling, Diamond Pickaxe, Redstone lamp, Coal and ALL Chainmail items.

    Come on up to the North Pole to take a look around Santa's ToyShop and be sure to grab some of these great items. Offered items are set to change in a few days, so don't miss this opportunity to buy yourself or a friend a discounted Christmas gift while you can.

    Address is /v northpole :)
  2. Oh cool. And being senior staff you didn't have to make a dirt pillar to take that picture...
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  3. 50% discounts? That's amazing, thanks for doing this shaun! :D
  4. Awesome! Ill make sure to check it out. How long will it be here?
  5. Dis is cool....

    I think it is obviously till Christmas.
  6. woah that is really amazing
  7. I believe Santa has rented that large lot until New Year's Day, so we'll probably evict him after that. ;)
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  8. Just went and checked it out. Very awesome :D. I hope Santa has flood insurance in case his neighbor's giant lava pyramid gets out of hand >.>
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  9. Nice shaun! I did already take a look round the res, when I saw it on Livemap and thought thats not right so I took a visit, really good!! :D
  10. Ill be there tomorrow
  11. I saw that, I didn't realize there were any volcanos so close to the North Pole. :)
  12. *News Flash!* Volcanoes found next to north pole!
  13. The discounted items have been switched up a bit, you can now find signs for the following items hidden around the Northpole: Gold sword, Powered rail, Jungle sapling, Dead bush, Raw fish, Mushroom soup, Mossy cobble, Cracked stone, Mossy Stone, Mycel, Obsidian, Ghast tear and all Chainmail also remains. :)
  14. cool! already bought my chain gear :D
  15. Awww, me and SthenosX felt special knowing where all of them were.
  16. Stinks didn't see any mention of this anywhere till now. Also I went and checked out the place before new years and there was no move perms for me to look at it. I only knew about it before hand cause I saw it on live map and wanted to explore it. Had no idea there was deals in there to.
  17. Santa broke his lease by trashing the walls and floors of the residence, he has been evicted and wont be allowed to return until next year. :confused:
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