Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year

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  1. Thanks to the staff and all of our players for making EMC so spectacular this year, let's make 2013 just as amazing!


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  2. >.< I want to live in australia for the early christmas (still 11:05 AM in est)
  3. Muahaha :p It also means the world ends faster for us though. :/
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  4. Its christmas eve for me.
  5. Yep, still Christmas Eve for me.
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  6. Yep, I think it is for most people :p
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  7. 5:15PM :p
    Btw, happy christmas :)
    EDIT: 24 dec
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  8. Thank you :)
  9. I want to live in Austrailia because iys bueatiful and days come faster :p
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  10. Now I feel even more proud and Awesome to be Aussie!
  11. Only half of it's beautiful, really :p
  12. Well, I won't be around probably for today mostly so Merry Christmas :)
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  13. And now Christmas is coming around stateside. Merry Christmas, fellow Empire citizens! :)
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  14. Your area isn't. Lol mine is though.
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  15. Yay! I'll die after the majority of EMC players :D (given the world ends)
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  16. Merry Christmas :)
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  17. Merry Christmas :D. For those still in Christmas Eve I guess it's Merry Christmas from the future :p
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  18. Probably :p South of here isn't, North is.
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  19. So what did you all get?
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  20. I got $50, $60 of iTunes gift cards, Some magazines and books and a steering wheel thing you put your iPod/iPhone in.