Merino Farms - Member List

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  1. This post will contain current members of Merino Farms.

    1. TomCasalino
    2. nick_godoy
    3. MR2R2M
    4. AmusedStew
    5. penfoldex
    6. redwing2000
    7. ItsMeMatheus
    8. PRO_G4NGST4
    9. neonkillah
    10. slash14459
    11. I_Clutch_Zombies
    12. daegoo
    13. Qwertyip
    14. matthew12hydro
    15. Runningrhino
    16. Electric_Hamster
    17. Nilex92
    18. colesta1200
    19. Todd_Vinton
    20. Lukas3226
    21. CruNcKk
    22. game_is_loading
    23. kevdudeman
    24. Jennypoo10
    25. jacob5089
    26. Lasluin
    27. RainbowChin
    28. Gearmaster08
    29. iamfuturetrunks
    30. Equinox_Boss
    31. erosego
    32. eklektoi
    33. LatinoSeb
    34. Importerer
    35. Dudelol523
    36. salesman200
    37. platt16
    38. jayshane
    39. Rain90009
    40. TheRealHargy
    41. wipple4
    42. Bunkerllama
    43. Kyle_Tayon
    44. HyperActive77
    45. USCreeper
    46. jknrlz
    47. aCookieGod
    48. jkrmnj
    49. Thehotwildfire
    50. Olaf_C
    51. Spiffiey
    52. Jeanzl2000
    53. Bro_im_infinite
    54. Biscuitboy5396
    55. Xaio34
    56. vmcjewel
    57. tedrocker
    58. foje
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  2. What is the current price for a membership?
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  4. For the members... I will start the 'houses' as soon as I get all 16 farms functioning.

    What I would like you to post is..
    type of house desired
    do you request storage (access signs)
    do you want to share a 'group home' - I ask this so I could make say a castle or apartment complex of sorts.
    any specific requests?

    This is meant to add some 'life' to the topside and cause you to stay a bit on the res to help promote grass and wool growth.

    What I will not do. No one will have build access or container access - too many issue / plain and simple.
    I MAY allow a few of you to help build some items or houses etc... but again I DO NOT give those perms often (nor do I leave them when I'm offline)

    Any special type item you want in house/apartment/shack - I can add - I will most likely 'buy' it from you and set in you house to prevent any debate on its ownership etc...
  5. Could you give some examples of possible types of houses?
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  6. I would like to build a small shack if possible Mystul, would only take like 10-15 mins lolz.
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  7. well im trying to get an idea of who wants what to layout the reses a bit... a simple shack is fine.. any amenities?
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  8. Haha, i was gonna make an obsidian shack :p
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  9. Great idea.
  10. I can build one of those... if you wanna 'sell' some obsidian to me... still need to decide on a location - i'll give that a thought - need any access chests or stoves etc etc?
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  11. Hm…home requests…
    Maybe a simple home, black and white wool floor, a fridge, wood planks/glass pane exterior, a DC access chest for the shears/wool storage, etc. You decide how it goes, just maybe try to incorporate these elements?
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  12. ok yeah... not 100% sure how im gonna do the shears yet... think I might have the members with container there... no homes there... call it the clubhouse
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  13. How about a little room with 1 single chest for each member (With an access sign over it, so you don't have to give out container) and then each month you fill the chests with the quantity of shears per month. IMO, it's easier than go on each house and place shears on each person's chest.
    Kind of like a community place, just for the shears.
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  14. right... thus clubhouse idea... but yeah that idea was in my head as well... thinking of the 1313 launch room having the boxes with a tp to each person's home - some will need to TP twice...

    basically 1313 will be THE res to go to if you forget your place... all the TPs to all the colors there... but since each res will need separate TPs each res will have a mini launch room

    I got that idea in my head - it'll look good :)
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  15. I would kinda like my own storage shed if possible (like a 10x10 room).
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  16. so you (slash) want it for chest storage?

    which is 100% ok with me - just verifying
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  17. How big can the house be?
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