Mending / infinity bow

Discussion in 'Auctions' started by weeh, Jan 9, 2022.

  1. Item - Flame / Infinity / Mending / Power 5 / Punch 2 / Unbreaking 3 bow

    Starting bid - 10k
    Minimum bid increment - 100r
    Auction ends 72 hours after last valid bid
    Item to be mailed to winner

    Good luck :)

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  2. 10k
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  3. 100k ;)
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  4. 115k
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  5. 125k
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  6. 150k
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  7. 200k
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  8. 225k
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  9. Oooh!

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  10. 250k
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  11. Last Bump :)
  12. Did I win this?
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  13. You indeed have won, I will mail the bow to you when I'm back ingame .

    Well done :)
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  14. Bow mailed to you :)
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  15. Bow received and payment sent. Thanks for hosting the auction.
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  16. I thought these were worth around 20k!
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  17. It's hardly surprising you're clueless on the EMC economy when you only play forum games ;)
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