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  1. Thanks to the hard work of the Contribution Team and quite a few months in the making, we now have two new sections to the Community Page. Head on over to learn about BigDavie's favorite animal, Krysyy's favorite cookie, chickeneer's favorite color, and a bunch of other random things about the Staff and Teams that people might call you a stalker for knowing :eek:

    Each staff or team member answered their own questions, so if you are longing to know the answers to one that seems a bit empty, go bug them about it ;)

    Other than that, enjoy getting to know and appreciate the odd quirks of our amazing Staff and Teams.

    Oh, and check out SoulPunisher's 'Minecraft Christmas - Part 1' in the blog post here:
  2. The initial pages are pretty blank still, but I'm working on some pretty stuff for it, so you'll just have to wait :p
  3. First

    Sounds interesting, going to check it out out
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  4. Looks great so far :)

    Can't wait to learn more about our wonderful staff and team members :)
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  5. Haha very cool. :)
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  6. Yay I'm in der!
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  7. Sixth lol.

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  8. Lets See who is all on this Contribution team now :D
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  9. Maxarias' response to losing a sense: "Smell. If I never had to smell Aikar fart again, the world would be a beautiful place."
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  10. Neat! :)
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  11. Cool!
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  12. I was wondering when this would see daylight. Looks good!
    Yeah, as you've probably noticed, a lot of questions were more of a silly AMA fluff variety. No offense intended to those who enjoy such things, but it's not something I go for personally. :) I do however, welcome anyone to PM me with questions or a desire to chat, if there's something they wish to know.
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  13. Apparently I joined the contribution team in 2012...

    Not everything about me has to be stuck in the past... :p
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  14. I think they might have gotten mixed up between joining the server and joining the team =P
  15. Technically I first became a mod on December 12... 2011 I think.

    Man for an enigma apparently I talk about myself a lot.
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  16. Very cool, I'll be reading these throughout the day :)
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  17. Cool, I Like it :)
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  18. What? I didn't know these would be made public! :eek:
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  19. Just thought I'd mention there's a couple of mistakes on my page :p
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