MASSIVE waste of space.

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  1. On smp8 cod4hoogie and yapzi filled there entire res with wool forming a massive SHOP AT 16008 and its jsut a complete waste of space and it ruins the view from my res.
    I find this completely stupid and not needed.
    give me some thoughts on it.(can be seen on live map)
  2. I believe people would have used those slots correctly if the server was not "early access for diamond supporters only"
    DIa supporters dont give much for a residence, they have 4. But members (normal members) run for a desired spot, like it is nearby spawn on any smp server... and trust me, they make it nice.
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  3. ya ikr.they made my view from my res HORRIBLE also.
  4. Brandop, remember - punctuation and grammar is your friend. ;)

    But not much that can be done.
  5. To look at it now is a great sandstone and netherbrick building, maybe the wool was a template or draft copy.
    Realistically though, as long as a building doesn't contain any offensive signs, symbols or structures, players can build as they please.
    Even if it means 124x124x255 obsidian towers wih fence ceiling. :p
    Joking of course, Justins palace is sure to look grand when finished. :)
  6. if you dont like it move your res
  7. Brandop last night i did state that "" The wool is only temp Untill our store gets known"" but i guess u were to much rage faceing to see it. then it will be cleared and i will be building something that will stare your res down with monsterous eyes =P but seriously dont get ya knickers in a twist its only temp and then it will be used for its true purpose
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  8. Okay, please let us have our say before we get flamed,

    we have a few residences on SMP8, As you can see on 16008 we have a well constructed and beautiful building.

    Maybe Brandop123, that is a signal of further builds to come??? Maybe?

    As for what we have on the other residences, yes we have wool saying our shop res number, but so do many other players on many servers, why is it just us are being singled out by you Brandop123?

    At the moment on your residence you have floating cakes and floating planks, that's your build and we respect that, please respect ours. Each to there own and as Shaunwhite states, nothing we have built or ever will build ... will have offensive symbols, words, structures.

    We have a MASSIVE follower base due to the creations we build, and we have a lot of respect for a lot of players for what we build.

    As to regards to :

    I don't believe we have used them incorrectly at all. Please feel free to look at out other residences to see well constructed buildings. We are simply being creative and as we do one project at a time, we thought we would promote the res number.

    Please look at our building on SMP8 copherfield in this thread here, and then say we are using residences incorrectly:

    also take a look at this one too which is on smp6:


    and happy building!
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  9. Here is a nice view of our build on SMP8 from Brandop123 Residence,

  10. So copherfield you state "Normal Member" Build nice buildings that are nice to look at, Do you like ours now?
  11. yes I know grammar is my friend its just that i typed that late last night and was a little tired.
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  12. dude thats not all im planning to build.If you wanna see what i have done so far i will let you go down my latter.
  13. i wasn't online at that point i guess because i never saw that in Pretty sure i would have if i was online because its always under 10 people online.
  14. If you ask me, their shop looks great!
  15. i agree about the store itself but the res's opposite to them are hideous.
  16. Don't all construction sites look ugly at the start :p chill man, enjoy the game.
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  17. Players can build whatever, however, they want as long as it does not violate the rules or TOS so, I do not understand the purpose of this thread. And I hope not to see a complaint like this again. It just seems ridiculous.
  18. Well said that man
  19. Someone has a res on smp1 full of airblocks!!M can he be bammed? Plix?
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