SMP8 Creation

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  1. Hey all,

    So I completed the "Mob" statues on SMP6 res 13078, to which I received so much praise and good words! Thank you all!

    The next project, a little different from the mobs, I teamed up with 2 more good builders,

    Cod4Hoogie and jmorris92

    The 3 of us came up with a concept of a Castle which was different from the normal stereotype.
    We wanted to build one that looked inviting, warm, yet looks simple or in other words.... simplicity at it best

    Its harder than we thought!! but we managed it (We Think)

    The lighting is something we really wanted to work on, we didn't want it looking so bright like some do as we all know, Sandstone lights up so well with glow stone. so with a few tweaks here and there, we have come up with the following.

    Hope you guys like it!



    Front (Full Daylight)

    Side (Night)

    2nd floor

    3rd floor
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  2. Looks great, I will visit this soon!
  3. I took these shot on Friday night. I think this is one NICE building. Well done guys.

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