Minecraft Steve fighting a Creeper statue

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  1. Hey guys,

    I have had a project going on to try and make people smile when they see it.

    There is a Story board next the the spawn area of the res. Id highly recommend you read that before going further on to see my creations.

    I have enclosed a picture of it here although please understand the whole project is still under construction.

    to visit go to 13078 on smp6



  2. This is awesome :) Thanks for sharing, trying to get more people sharing in the community creations forum :)
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  3. This would be great and Justing just posted before me.AGAIN
  4. Your welcome,

    The Picture really does not do it any justice. The size of these are really big. and well worth a visit by anyone. Even if it is to give them some inspiration :)
  5. Ive tried to make the face on the Creeper look like the one off the "Revenge" music video. Hope you guys like it!
  6. Id like a little suggestion from you all,

    Im planning on adding another monster on there, that should it be?


    etc etc

    Let me hear your thoughts!


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  7. Cave Spider
  8. do something sexy
  9. Cave spider spawner + a bunch of spiders going against steve, steve scared and running.
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  10. hahahha yeahhhhhhhhh
  11. A spider spawned would be tough but possible. I like the challenge idea of a cave spider
  12. Cave spider it is :) will start work on it now
  13. That is awesome! Is that also a diamond block and pickaxe in the background? Did you create that? I will have to pay SMP6 a visit.
  14. nice bro make it chasing you
  15. yes its a diamond block :) theres a storyboard where you spawn also :)
  16. As for Steve running, I am going to be making him look like hes moving, although not on this res, im hoping to get the res at the side of this one and build another story there :) so when this one is done, Hopefully you will see Steve running scared from a entity which I will make a poll for.

    in the meanwhile please visit this creation and enjoy.

  17. that would be sweet how do you buy another res?
  18. you don't buy them, you can only Claim them. you can claim 1 or 2 or 3 residences, depending on what membership package you buy.
  19. Due to some problems I did not get to start the cave spider yesterday, so today it is going to be constructed until it is finished.

    Im just going to add a single spider on this one, and then the other res I will make the spider spawner.

    I hope you come visit 13078 on SMP6 :)