Married With Games Youtube Channel ( 3rd Video!)

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    iSmooch and I have started a YouTube series. We have started out with Minecraft, of course, and plan on playing other games as well. So if the awesome community of EMC wouldn't mind heading over to our Youtube channel and checking out our first video. Leave us comments, likes, subscribe... all that good stuff. If you choose to do so of course. :) Also you can follow me on Twitter ( words I never thought I would type.) and I'll use that to keep everyone updating on things we are doing.

    Ep 1! 'First Night...Sorta

    EP 2! 'To The Mountain'

    EP 3! 'Yellow....Thingie'

  2. May want to fix that:)
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  3. subscribed :3
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  4. >.>' you saw nothing.
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  5. Do you guy plan on just playing un-modded minecraft or will you be doing things with tekkit or other modpacks and such? Also do you plan on playing on the servers?
  6. We do plan on playing on the servers, and yes... lots of modded minecraft versions are planned :). *cough* FTB *cough*
  7. hopefully it wont just be on a personal server * cough cough *
  8. Hey just wanted to say thanks to everyone who have commented on this thread or subscribed to my channel! THANKS! :)
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  9. Video is currently unavailable?
  10. Showing fine for us. Try reloading it? or even clicking the link rather than watching embedded?

    If it continues to be a problem You can always just visit the channel here.
  11. Haven't had a chance to watch yet but I'm sure I will enjoy it as long as it's not as bad as someone I was trying to watch stream on He was trying to show his girlfriend how to play and she screamed at every.little.thing.

    She didn't have a mic which was good.
  12. Can you post the next episode
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  13. The next episode is ready to go, but will not be publicly available until 8 PM CST... because we dont just wanna shove all of our videos out there, we want you guys to come back :). Due to how I release the videos, there may some 'Early Watch' incentive for subscribers later. Not right now though.
  14. To it working. "What's that clicking noise?".... xD
  15. "Oh, it must be these Jelly things"... you'd think she never played minecraft.
  16. So is this replacing iSMOOCH Games?
  17. More than likely yes. There were some google issues with iSmoochGames more than anything else. Also had some cool ideas that kind of required another channel to do them properly anyways. Anything I do on my own, may wind up there as well. Time will tell though I guess. :)
  18. Okay, sounds like you know what your doing ;) I'll tune in to this channel for sure :D
  19. "Can I make wooden armor?" was my favorite xD. I've had people ask me if you can make stone armor but never wooden armor.
  20. Out of everyone to notice, it could only be you! :p
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