Marlix too strong?

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  1. I'm aware that Marlix was recently beefed up, but this seems a little too much. He's spawning assistance VERY fast, and sometimes without warning. Each time I've fought him since the buff, I have been over run with skeleton guardians. Every time I've fought him I was using a sharpness 5 diamond sword, and a power 5 bow, but I was still over run. When ever he spawns assistance it takes about 4-5 blows from my sword to kill one of them, and by the time I've killed both of them he's already spawning more on top of me, without a message. Even with 3 people we were still being overran with guardians. Every time I've fought him I've been on difficulty 5. I also haven't noticed the bat speed nerf either.
    Is he supposed to spawn guardians this fast?
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  2. Pretty much. It's not worth killing them until you kill Marlix first, but it makes everything harder. They're a bit OP since they can hit you from range and take 4-5 hits with a god sword to kill, though.. Plus 4-5 spawn like every 20-30 seconds.
  3. I use about the same equipment as you but a tip if you're not already are doing this but try to focus only the marlix instead of killing gurdians, then I would suggest some good armor so you can ignore the gurdians easier.
    Hope this was helpfull :)
  4. Yea I have to agree, the guardians are very annoying, but
    The guardians for me at least, have knock back, so no matter how hard you try to ignore them they keep pushing you back, and they spawn fast enough that unless your munching tons of zombie flesh and such, they can really easily wear your hp down. even with god armor they hit about a half a heart every time, and when there is 16 of them shooting at you that can go downhill pretty fast.
  5. I just lure them in water and shoot them to death with a power 1 bow. It only takes like 6-8 shots on full charge to kill them. Then just fire at the marlix. I've already killed like 4 today :p You might want punch on the bow's just a strategy xD
  6. Then I would suggest run away so the gurdians lose track of you While the marlix can still see you and goes after you, then you can be alone with him for awhile
  7. Or make sure there are caves nearby. Note: this could have been a glitch but last time I fought one on SMP2 (/waste s, eastwards of that) I noticed that whenever the guardians spawned they quickly ran underground (note: I fought Marlix during daytime). I think that has something to do with skeletons seeking shelter from the sun.

    So maybe you can use this to your advantage as well.
  8. I haven't noticed it with caves, but they will almost always run to lakes and other water sources that are nearby.
  9. Correct, caves isn't the right word here. I'm referring to underground builds. Eastwards of /waste s (smp2) is a huge dug out desert so full of sandstone and cobble and large underground passages. That's what I'm referring to: the moment those guardians show up they all run underground. Which leaves me with plenty of options to focus on Marlix.
  10. I've noticed this as well, but you have to remember; this is a mini boss. The Momentus mob, though easier to defeat than the marlin, has the same spawn rate as assistance rate.
  11. Yea I usually can avoid the guardians pretty well, by hiding in a cave and killing them as they spawn, and eventually they stop spawning. I have also noticed that they go underground or in the water during the day, but there isn't much you can do when its raining, or its night.

    It does seem easier to kill a momentus.
  12. They're both minibosses, that's true; that doesn't mean, however, that they have to spawn guardians at the same rate. In fact, Marlix does spawn guardians more frequently than Momentus.
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  13. I always thought that Marlix or Momentus is supposed to spawn every hour...I'm not sure, it could have changed. But I agree that Marlix has been tougher than Momentus. For example, yesterday my sister and I fought 3 (at different times), and today we found 4. Now, after defeating one of them we were heading back to the spawn and another Marlix was flying near the spawn, after we defeated one that night! (Is that supposed to happen?!) It's gotten to the point where every time I'm in the wastelands I find a Marlix, and it stresses me out because one moment I'm chopping trees and 2 or 3 guardians are thrown at me.

    I used to think Momentus was the bigger threat.
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  14. He is a bigger threat, but he's pretty straightforward: he hits you and you hit him. Marlix is much less dangerous (I don't think he ever killed me, as opposed to about 200 deaths from Momentus), but he is a pain in the A to kill because of the guardians.
    • This one is good and I keep saying it all the time: bring lots of dogs. Dogs attack skeletons on sight. Skeletons run away. Both Marlix and the Guardians are skeletons. See where this is going?
    • Try to bring the fight to water. Marlix flies much lower when over large bodies water for some reason, so you can easily hit him with a sword or bow. Also, if you have Depth Strider you can easily avoid all the arrows he shoots while also outrunning the Guardians. Being set on fire also won't be a problem
    • Do not fight on cliffs, mountains etc. As you said, both Marlix and the Guardians have knockback and fall damage will not be reduced by your armor. Potions of leaping can help with this, while also helping you jump that extra block to hit Marlix with the sword
    • Potions are your friends. Besides leaping, bring fire resistance, regeneration, speed and strength (if you plan on using a sword)
    • Avoid using Knockback or Punch items on Marlix. It's already hard enough hitting him without your attacks pushing him back.
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  15. If you don't want to be bothered while gathering resources, you could always do /ps --> turn miniboss spawns off. Plus set diffuculty to 1 if you don't want to fight hostile mobs at all. Then once you're done and ready to fight again, set your /ps back to whatever you usually fight on :)

    Edit: as for the general minibosses-being-too-strong, i actually just get a bed, place it somewhere far away enough from the boss and set spawn there, and use voter's (soulbound) gear to repeatedly attack, die, respawn, run to boss and attack again, etc. i also put down a chest to keep my stuff in until the bosses are dead. Then i pick everything back up, including the bed, run back to town, store everything except my "toolkit", and head back out again.

    Of course, that only works if you live in town and stay near outposts :3 but so long as you do, you can set your difficulty to 10 and hoard all the goodies easily. Just takes a bit of time, with all the dying and running back and whatnot >.>"
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  16. That is true, I was never killed by Marlix, but it took many deaths to finally kill Momentus.

    And thanks for the tips! I didn't know about the dogs, that would definitely help. And I've tried the bed trick, but only with Momentus. Also, most of the time I find Marlix it is in a body of water, and I find it much easier to kill him there. (Water breathing, swiftness, strength, and even night vision help me the most, especially with the items) But thank you for the tips! :)
  17. And I might just have to do that because the respawn rate is getting ridiculous. It's fun fighting the mini bosses but when they are everywhere you go it does get annoying. But thank you anyway, I'll probably use that. :)
  18. Yea for me its the opposite, momentum's are pretty easy to hit because I can hit multiple targets pretty fast without them getting close to me, but when all the mobs are stationary and shooting at me (Marlix) its hard to get close. I try to bring marlix's close to low flat grounds too, but they always spawn at the worst locations, or in locations where I have to charge through and take 50 hits before I can get away.

    And whenever I try to fight a Marlix in complete open water I swim to slow to get close to him, and he always is able to shoot me and knock me back to where I started.

    Also I wish there would be a forum explaining the spawn rates and such of Minibosses. For me it seems that whenever I am not ready for one to spawn or to find one (like on a mining trip and such) they spawn. But when I get all my gear and go looking I can never find one, or hardly ever. Thats probably just my absolute bad luck but still would be nice to know exact spawn rates and how and when they spawn.

    I have heard 30 mins server wide, 1 per server, and I have heard 1 per player per hour but neither seem to keep up.
  19. My opinion is grab a few friends to lend ya a hand, it really helps.
  20. The reason you run into them a lot is because they are from other players who chose to not kill them.

    We have some pending tickets to continue to rework the spawn rates though.

    And I am also intending to dial down the guardian spawn rate a tad but not too much, as if your not even dying.... then thats no good :p

    but the spawn rates are multi factor. Theres a 90 min per world per miniboss respawn, then a shared 30 minute per server respawn, in that 1 mini boss wont spawn for 30 minutes after another, so that you dont get marlix and momentus spawning at same time.

    Then, any player who sees the spawn message for the miniboss is marked, and can not 'trigger' a spawn for 24 hours on ANY server. However, if you are working with a player who hasnt had a spawn, they can still trigger the spawn.

    but this is subject to change.
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