March 2014 Referral Contest Winners!

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  1. Hey community, we've finally gathered the results on the referral contest, and we'd like to offer congratulations to our winners:

    820327, First place for most Referrals
    Reindeer_, Second place for most Referrals
    sikk1christina, Third place for most Referrals

    Clicks on Referral Banners;
    Faithcaster, First place for most Clicks
    SkyDragonv8, Second place for most Clicks
    Elysphic, Third place for most Clicks
  2. Congrats guys!

    EDIT: First! Aww yiss, victory lap!
  3. I'd be expecting more posts on the 5 minute mark but congrats to those people.... nothing like something good happening to people :) .... for the apple!
  4. I mean 7-9 minute ¬_¬
  5. Aww yish!
    Any chance we can get an official count on those clicks?
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  6. Congrats guys! :)
  7. Congratulations to the winners.
  8. Congrats.

    I hope next time to get 3rd place.
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  9. When was there a referral contest??????
  10. each month, this the 2nd of this kind

  11. Note: New Visits column - SkyDragon's Visits is so high as he likely clicked on his own, so it counts every single visit to the site.... (And I guess I need to find out where I have a lowercase link at so it can be combined)
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  12. Congrats all winners!
  13. Does that mean for the April referral contest, it starts today or did it start on the 1st?
    Congratulations to the winners.
  14. Grats to all winners!
  15. It will always be start of month, I reset ref board then, just was a little delayed in posting the winners.
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  16. Also - I want to remind people that Referring yourself doesn't count - don't do it :)
  17. What if you have mixed personalities
  18. I clicked on my own at the most 5 or 4 times to insure I got the link correctly :)
  19. Congrats to all! :D