Male, Female, Other?

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  1. So I have wondered about this for a while. You know how when you sign up for things it sometimes asks if you are a "Male; Female; Other" I find the "Other" strange. There is only 2 genders and not an other.
    Have any of you wondered about this?
  2. yeah, but i think its for those who dont exactly want everyone to no

    Shady manatee says: They don't exactly want some stalker coming to their house and... Well, what do you think a stalker would do...? (Don't answer :3)
  3. There are many people in the world who are actually both genders.
  4. 'Other' is normally for people who are transgender. You'll probably learn a little bit more about it later on in life :)
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  5. Sorry, but how is this possible?
  6. I'm still missing the "No" option...
  7. Some people go for operations to change their gender. These people are known as "Transgenders", so technically they are both.
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  8. It means 'Transgender'. Although I don't find this fair. If a person wants a sex change, they shouldn't be counted as 'other'. Unless they just have the body of the opposite sex, and the 'part' is of the opposite sex... That should be counted as other :p
  9. You can be born naturally with both genders. It's extremely rare but does happen.
  10. So when they split the boys up with the girls. What team are they on.
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  11. Sex is what someone is biologically born as, and what reproductive anatomy you have.
    Typically: Male, female, or hermaphrodite (they have both when they are born).

    Gender is what someone identifies as:
    Boy, girl, transgender, genderless, and many more.

    You could be a male, but you mentally see yourself as a girl ... or not having a gender ... or you can go and have surgery for gender re-assignment ... or you could be unsure what you are and don't want to label yourself just yet.

    So if you are not a male and see yourself as a boy, or female and see yourself as a girl ... then you would typically select 'other'
  12. It's probably their choice, whatever gender they prefer to be.
  13. It depends on the school or team and their belief system or rules ... but generally it's seperated by what the person identifies as - not what they are born with.
  14. Neither. The parents get to choose which 'part' they want the child to keep.

    (Or sometimes allow the child to choose later on in life)

    Shouldn't you be asking your parents about this? The fact that you divide boys and girls into a 'versus' team tells me you're quite young and you obviously don't understand this matter fully...
    (^Sorry if I came across as harsh. I didn't intend to be :))
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  15. And if you consider the psychologies of it, it gets even more complicated.
  16. Simple solution.
    If your chromosomes are XX, you are female. If your chromosomes are XY, then you are male. There are indeed abnormalities, such as klinefelters and other variants where multiple chromosomes get fused.
    But if your chromosomes are in order, all else is mental, and you really cannot change your genetics.

    I believe that the 'other' refers to if you are perhaps some other life form such as an alien.
  17. 5408-1350963252.png Im a Hideyoshi ;D
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  18. Unspecified refers to anyone who does not wholly fall into one of those two.
  19. It was an example.
  20. I'm angry, they have no option for pies, so I always have to choose other....
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