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  1. Hi gang,

    I apologize that one of the first things I do in the new year is being critical, I'm serious, but...

    So I want to pm a random stranger to sent them a gift. I have to admit: it's been way too long since I was on EMC because I honestly forgot how. No problem! /pm; nope, /message send; noep, /message send; nope, /send message; insufficient privs, ... you get the idea.

    So I turn to /help.

    The next person to prove me wrong wins a promo but... I don't think this is in there.

    Note: I am well aware (still) of @name and such, but I want to sent a message with items attached.

    It seems off to me that something so trivial isn't in /help.


    Summing up: I think /help needs a [mail] section! (took me long enough! :oops:)
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  2. /help
    click [chat]
    4th command listed (/tell)
  3. No, that's a chat command; only works when someone is connected to the server.

    I'm talking about '/mail send' (eventually figured it out).
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  4. I see, then I agree it's not there currently. nor within /assist
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  5. Seeing as /help mail already brings up the commands needed to send mail, it should be pretty easy to add a [mail] section to the existing section
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  6. But first you have to know you are looking for /mail and not /message...
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  7. Good point!
    It would also be helpful to make a list of these keywords that might be guessed that oughtn't actually be tied to either /tell or /sendmail, returning something like
    "/pm is not a usable command. Maybe you are looking for /tell or /sendmail?".
  8. A overhall of the help system?

    I would be willing to help with that