[Make Money!] Gathering 54 heads for a DC Auction!

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  1. Entry for DC of Player Chests now closed! Thanks for your support!
    Okay, so the idea is simple and I haven't really seen anything like it before so I thought I would try it and see how it goes. All you have to do is donate your head (which is obtainable when you die) to me and when I have 54 heads I will auction them off.

    You may ask, what do I get out of it? Well when the auction is over you will get your fair share of the rupees. The rupees will be divided by 54 and you will get that amount. Say the heads sell for 20,000r, you will recieve 370r (20,000/54= 370.370r rounded down to the nearest rupee) This might not seem a lot but it could go for well over 20k with everyones heads! Alts are allowed.

    If you have any questions please ask below! :) There will be a donation hopper set up at 5131 or alternatively if you cannot go there it can be picked up! (Pickup will cost 10r due to vaulting fee)

    Any heads that have been donated after all 54 spots have been taken will be returned or can be bought for 100r. :) The starting price for the auction will be 10,000r

    To make things more interesting and encourage people to donate, EVERYONE that donates a head will be entered into a raffle to win a stable voucher! :)

    Project progress- COMPLETED (54/54 Heads)

    UPDATE: You are now allowed to donate up to 2 heads! :)

    -Welshgamer (Jake's alt)
    -Sweetie_Pea (x2)
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  2. D: Time to die! :D Keep two spots for me :p
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  3. Can I donate someone else's head and still go in to the pot?
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  4. Would the money be paid to you or paid to them?
    Bump, come on guys/girls this is a easy way to earn some r!
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  5. To me. They wouldn't know about it. (P.S. is it possible to have multiple heads given to you through this method?)
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  6. Maybe just maybe I will do it.
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  7. Well? Could I do that and still get the money from the head or heads (Could I do multiple different heads?)?
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  8. donated my head and cedarman's head! Please pay cedarman for his head
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  9. great idea
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  11. I think I'll donate my head just this once.
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  12. Yay, now we have some participation! Thanks people! :)
    I don't think this is fair, you get money for their head? No you will only get money for your head. :) (Unless you have their consent so they actually know about it)
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  13. Can you update the box thing? (whats it called? lol)
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  14. I'll do that now :)
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  15. Tell me wheb this auction happens! I want it! :D
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  16. Okay, I'll inform them!
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  17. When all 54 spots are filled!
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  18. Dropped mine off, cool idea :)
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  19. Would you pay a lot extra for an IcecreamCow head?
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