Make it so people who are away do not count against sleeping or Boss Spawning!

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  1. After trying to get to sleep, while everyone else in the Frontier was AWAKE and was Away, I started to wonder why people who are away count in things like sleeping and Boss Spawning.
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  2. After a certain amount of time, people who are AFK do not count as players as far as mob spawning and such goes so that one is no issue.

    Sleeping, I am unsure of.
  3. I've never actually slept through a night on EMC. Don't know why you would want to. I would think it's pretty hard to change something like bed mechanics for Aikar, though mini bosses shouldn't spawn when AFK.
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  4. I live in the wild 24/7, and I can tell you it ain't much fun having a creeper herd kill you while building a plot.
  5. All I can say is armour and torches. If you really hate them just use difficulty 1
  6. Armour and torches,check.
    Difficulty 1,check.

    It still happens.
  7. Something is really wrong then... Just get prot IV armour and never die
  8. Sadly,I couldn't risk Protection IV, because some people in the SMP9 East Wild, build lava traps in their houses.
  9. I'm pretty sure that lava traps are against EMC rules.
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  10. Creepers will spawn in daytime under trees if it is dark enough and other mobs just like caves, just make sure your area is well lit. Use half slabs placed on the lower half of the block so mobs cant spawn on them, it will mean chests and such have a half slab gap under them. (I am not sure if this will still work in 1.8!)
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  11. That doesn't mean that people don't do it. And if it happens he lost his armor.
  12. You can actually swim in lava for quite a time in prot IV.
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  13. As far as I know Normal Protection only blocks mob and player damage not lava or fall damage...
  14. This is how I see sleeping would work: (player's would need to be able to enter a bed)

    When a player enters a bed (bed event)

    set a player variable to true

    When a player leaves a bed set that player variable to false

    When someone goes /afk ...that same variable also is set to true

    ....When the player enters the bed it loops all players in the world

    If everyone in the world has their variable set to true then it will become day time... else it will stay dark :3
  15. Protection reduces all damage taken except from the void and /kill :)
  16. Lava Traps are against EMC rules. If someone try's to shelter then triggers the lava trap, the person that made the trap killed the person that triggered it
  17. I do the same, and this isn't a problem for me. Just light up the area well enough and you'll be fine. Most of the mob spawning issues have been fixed and over the past few months have been nearly non-existent.