Make EMC Safe Again!

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Should we make EMC Safe Again?

Yes 11 vote(s) 32.4%
No 7 vote(s) 20.6%
wat 16 vote(s) 47.1%

  1. According to webroot, the site is:

    Reputation: MODERATE RISK
    When visiting this site there is some probability that you will be exposed exposed to malicious links and payloads.


    I am in now way affiliated with trump. I hate politics, Make America Great Again is just a good meme to joke around with ;)

    Then again this is just a joke thread, but seriously, make it safe again :p
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  2. Just a false positive. Yes we have an evil toade as a mod but he's not that much of a risk.
  3. So what?
    It's only "moderate" and I haven't ever heard of webroot before anyway :p

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  4. Isn't EMC already safe, for we have a guardian dragon protecting us
  5. don't worry bruh safe enough ;)
  6. You have to remember there's a wild chin here. Using this site may result in minor damage to your Windows computer so please call this number for free not scam tech support now!

  7. Oh would you look at that WoT thinks it's perfectly fine wow who'd have thought
  8. Do you know how we're gonna do this? We're gonna build a firewall. A great firewall all around EMC, and Mojang is gonna pay for it. It's gonna be a beautiful wall, the best wall.
  9. it's gonna be yuuuuuuuge
  10. The people of SMP8 reside here, if by malicious you mean them, then you should be fine as long as you don't feed the bears.
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  11. Gg community ._.
  12. When I read the title I honestly wondered for a second "what has SMP8 done this time?" :D

    For what's it worth: I can't reproduce any of this either. But as other also mentioned up there: do not trust just about any "safety check" you can find on the Internet either. There's dozens of them these days, and there are plenty which are more interested in getting more visitor amounts than providing reliable results.

    I follow a few of these sites and I even have a subscription on one (because I use this for my work). The kind of site which suggests that EMC once ran on CentOS, uses SPF for mail, has 5 known web trackers identified (Google (3x), CloudFare & Imgur), has the trackers purpose identified (advertisement, analytics, CDN (Content Delivery)), and it even identifies some scripting frameworks for me (JavaScript).

    Just so we're clear: I'm not doing anything weird other than visiting the website and having it identify all the data which got sent out, but I'm not sharing everything for obvious reasons :p

    Alas, the website I'm using comes with the above outcome. Sorry, but I trust this outcome above everything else mentioned in this thread so far.

    Apart from SMP8 there's no reason for alarm, and Aikar already added an SMP8 disclaimer. So I think we're really pretty safe here. Apart from those creepers.

    Yeah, maybe we can do something about those creepers pls? :D
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  13. Excuse you, us creepers have feelings, ya know.
  14. The firewall just got ten lines of code longer.
  15. What in the world is Webroot? Plus if this website wasn't safe I would never visit it.
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  16. I had a webroot software that i had installed and I got rid of it XD Every new game I got or some type of program stuff would pop up on my screen saying there is a security risk and should it be deleted. So i guess basically its trying to keep you safe but it gets annoying.
  17. Seriously? I LOVE WEBROOT <3
  18. Webroot denied a rank improvement. You will just have to ignore the yellow.
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  19. How can anyone love a security program?