Make A Choice...

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  1. Should equal a good debate.
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  2. I would chose the predator, because if he was trying to kill me I would be beyond terrified
  3. Batman \o3o/
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  4. Batman is the only logical choice in this situation.
  5. Darthvader. He may not be my favorite, but none of the others could stand a chance against the force :p
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  6. My general idea is Vader, because Death Star
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  7. You're right, a guy with no super powers would obviously be the only choice versus demons, robots, and a dude with unlimited invisible energy that can do anything and a sword that's made out of red magic death sauce.
  8. I don't see the the Doctor in your selection process...Cannot compute!!!
  9. But, he throws things?
  10. :/ Most people who are fans of these guys are of course going to pick who they're a fan of. Sorry my choice isn't like yours.
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  11. Twas a joke mah lady.

    THe go to for batman bashing is always "he ain't got no powers".

    I am personally a big fan of the dark knight :3
  12. Dredd.
    Never seen his movie or read his comics, but hes logical.
    Darth Vader strangled his wife.
    Predator is... Well, its predator :p
    Wolverines insane :p
    Hellboy is just creepy...
    Terminator: unpredictable and dangerous to be around :p
    Guy with band aids - can someone explain who this is as it might influence my choice.
    Guy in bottom right corner - can someone explain who this is as it might influence my choice :p
    Why dredd? Hes an executioner. He knows his job and will get the job done.
  13. O.O

    ... Son you best recognize the top tier crime fighting technology that is Robocop when you see it.
  14. Wasnt even born when that came out :p
    Ill tie him with dredd from what I read on Wikipedia :p
  15. All I am saying is that if Batman can kick Superman's ass, I don't seeing him having trouble with most of those guys. He probably couldn't beat Anakin Sywalker at full strength, but if he is Vader, Batman shouldn't have much trouble. The only one that might be troublesome is Wolverine.
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  16. Wolverine - Cause he can't die
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  17. I bet if Darth Vader sliced him up into enough pieces, then he would die. Or maybe Vader could throw him into space.
  18. Hey Smooch, you want to form a corporation called OCP and use it to buy Detroit with me? :D
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  19. wolverine (in the comic books) survived a nuke. In fact, the only true way in the original cannon that wolverine died, was of old age at 667 years old. (guessing that number, but im pretty sure it was in the 600's)

    In case anyone is wondering, Im just going to play devil's advocate in this whole thread.... be prepared, none of your choices are safe.
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    • The Uncanny X-Men #227 - The Belly Of The Beast!
    • The Infinity Gauntlet #4 - Cosmic Battle on the Edge of the Universe
    • Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #11 - ...And Dust to Dust!
    • Wolverine #20 - Enemy Of The State, Part 1

    >.> But um...yeah.
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