[Maint Complete] BungeeCord rollout

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Aikar, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. It only worked on emc.gs this morning. Glad to hear it is
    100% online now. :)
  2. I have but one request to Aikar, once all the major bits are out of the way, we need whole thread officially explaining what bungee is and how we are using it. Most of the info I'm getting is from player made threads, I have heard of emc.gs and now play.emc.gs both of which take me to different places now, with /server only working emc.gs.
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  3. This will definitely be coming
  4. Not sure if this is relevant to the topic, but all servers are down, and I have no way of getting onto anything other than smp3, since that is where i am sent when i do play.emc.gs, the only thing that seems to be working. Is this why?
  5. Trying just emc.gs?
  6. No, I have tried smp1.empire.us smp6.empire.us smp4.empire.us smp7.empire.us and the little text under the server name even says cant resolve hostname, so i am very confused.
  7. I think Aikar still working on fixing the empire.us addresses, see if emc.gs works and /server from there
  8. Ok, and if it doesnt, looks like i wont be finishing my work tonight.
  9. Nvm, just came back up for me. :)
  10. Perfect time to watch NCIS :D
  11. Ok... I think All DNS is now set up correctly. But it will take a while for everyone to get the new information.

    Best effort to ensure you can connect is to connect to play.emc.gs then use /server to switch.

    emc.gs/empireminecraft.com and all of the SMP subdomains should slowly come back up as working soon.
  12. this will be SOO helpful when it is fixed
  13. Btw, I also connected in 1.7, so 1.7 version is working for EMC now?
  14. Yes 1.6.2 all the way to 1.7.3 will work.
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  15. Everything should be fixed now... If your still having probems, clear your DNS cache:


    If that doesnt work, simply wait 24 hours as your ISP might be the problem and you need to wait for them to clear cache.

    For rei's, rename your files to playsmp1.emc.gs. (with 2 dots, so playsmp1.emc.gs..DIM0.points) for example and use direct connect addresses.

    No matter if you use smp1.emc.gs or smp1.empire.us, it will still be playsmp1.emc.gs.. for file name.

    Update: If you are having problems, please download this app: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/dnsdataview.zip

    Uncheck all and have only A, CNAME and SRV checked, should look like this:

    Then run a report and post a screenshot of the results

    It should look like this:
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  16. Awesome :)
  17. I remember the term "server hiccup" from about a half year ago during SMP1 maintenance the server crashed and so did many people's inventories and money spent was lost. There was a mini recession for about 50 minutes :p. Could this now happen?
  18. no, nothing here was changing game data, just A LOT of network reconfiguration
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