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Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by darkmajor, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. dr.who10.gif
  2. Where do people find them gifs?!

    Oh good im on the list :)
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  3. So this is basically a list of those who joined the Empire first, some of which haven't been seen for weeks on /p

  4. eh, there's no such thing as the 'main empire people'. You've listed the first 10 people to join, not necessarily the main ones. The closest people that would classify to be the main empire people would be the mods, the senior staff, and the admins. But the community and the staff cannot survive without the other, they're both main. And because essentially everyone is 'main', nobody is really main.

  5. ┬ęDwight5273
  6. What about Aikar, you cant forget about him. he does a lot of the programming.
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  7. Um...
    Could someone stop the room? I'd like to get off.
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  9. I get said hello to... I have been on EMC even longer than you soul... :(
  10. Could you elaborate?
    And those aren't the main EMC people, maybe just of your smp.
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  11. Not cool. Even for a joke, just don't say things like that.
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  12. I'm expecting more comments about how people aren't on that list...
    *Rechecks list*
    HEY! I'm not on there put me on there!
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  13. But does being on longer make you one of the better known/more helpful people on the empire?
  14. Exactly. I've been on over 400 days, and not many people know or care about what I do/post.
  15. Here I fixed for you. :p jkjkjk Haha
  16. I personally don't think you can post a list like this for several reasons.
    First of all, everyone is important big or small they are still part of the community.
    Second of all, if you were to post a list like this, some people might feel left out and we don't want that.
    And honestly, do you really think, that on a community like this, where people can actually make new friends, don't you think that some of the feeling for your friends (unless you are a total robot) would sort of sink in to making that decision? Don't deny it, it's true no matter what you think. And even if you did, it goes back to number 2 where your friends feel left out and they are like what?!
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  17. :c I feel left out ; No WCG or eklektoi on those lists :/
  18. I sense a thread close incoming .
  19. Na... I don't think so, it hasn't gotten hostile really.
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