Main Empire People

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by darkmajor, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. 1. Justinguy
    2. Icecreamcow
    3. Brewing_Master
    4. Beardswell
    5. BelchMaster
    6. GameKribJim
    7. TehSpiders
    8. LilSpiders
    9. Darkmajor
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  2. Cool story bro.
  3. ?? I believe you are talking about the people that were there at the start of the Empire and that took part of the GameKrib server before the empire was formed.
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  4. What are crossword puzzle clues for 500, Alex.
  5. No need to be so harsh
  6. Oh you do smoke?
  7. So confused right now......gonna go back to the home page now....bai!
  8. Why aren't I on there?! When I joined I brought fun and rainbows to EMC!
  9. kid don't be rude just leave
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  10. I can't hear sarcasm through computers, but those are lyrics from a song. Sorry if you do know :p
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  11. I'm so confused!? :(
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  12. Hmm.. what in the world is this thread about.. Is it a list of your friends or people you look up to
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  13. From /p I have found they are old players. So I would say the oldest players. But I still brought fun and rainbows, no one is taking that from me >.>
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  14. That's really inaccurate. They are the oldest players and from the gamekrib community, not the main players. IMO, every player is a main player but if I were to be forced to say who the main players are:
    1) JackBiggin
    2) JoshPosh70
    3) nfell2009
    4) PandasEatRamen
    5) MBA2012
    6) Mrlegitislegit
    7) Me. (Seriously though, I have alot of likes and posts and people say hello to me in-game almost every time I log in, because they've seen me on the forums)
  15. Yay! I get onto a list that isn't 'Worlds worst players'
  16. <--------- My face when I read this.
  17. dr.who8.gif
  18. I love how he forgets the most important person in this community not on the list. Aikar even though he ruins the economy and stuff he is one of the most important people here.
  19. Honestly in my opinion everyone is important, no matter how much or how little they do. The staff and players make the empire, and together we rock. :)
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