Magic The Gathering

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  1. Anyone here play? My fiance and our friends have been playing for years and I finally caved in and learned how to play and its so much fun!!
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  2. I play MTG and love it to bits, Im in the process of rebuilding my decks but I tend to play Gruul or Selesynya.
    (Thread above was made by me on my old account) :p

    What kind of deck do you like to play with? :)
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  3. I had a sweet collection dating back to Alpha. I was pretty OCD about it too. You could name any card and I could tell you everything about it down to the flavor text, describing the picture and the artist. I could do it in reverse too, e.g. have someone describe the picture on the card. I was also a human Scrye. (price guide for MTG)

    One of my favorite MTG memories is when I bought one single pack of the new Ice Age set...and got a Jester's Mask or Jester's Cap...I forget which...traded it to the card shop right there for like 15 Ice Age boosters on the spot...and got...another one. (I did not share that information with them however) At the time it was worth about $25 nd now, they're both worth a buck or less, go figure.

    Anyway, it was taking up a little too much of my time, I was older, more responsibilities, more kids (heh) and I was started to get miffed with all the card bans, reprints and constant slew of new rules and mechanics forcing you to keep pumping money into the game constantly. I quit after Onslaught, made some pretty sweet cash selling my MTG and MTGO collection on eBay.

    Edit: woops, typo.
    While I don't play TCGs anymore I do like deck-building and other contained card games where you don't have to buy random booster packs to play the game. I play stuff like Munchkin and Smash-Up with my kids.
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  4. I play with a black deck :D I try to keep it mostly vampire and zombie related cards.. I'm still getting used to playing and learning all the rules and stuff. Its really fun! My fiance and our friends have game nights all the time so I'm learning so I can play against them all lol :p

    Haha wow you were hardcore into it! For my anniversary we got a fat pack that contained 2 mythic rares (my fiances kept them of course) He did tell me that the newer the cards get the more ridiculous the rules and abilities get. It starts fights and what not lol I unknowingly put an old banned card into my deck and when I played it all hell broke loose xD I really love the artwork on the cards so that's why I love buying new ones my pocket doesn't like it too much though :p
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  5. For some reason i read the title as magic the ninja :p
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  6. I've never heard of this game. Sounds interesting, though.
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  7. I learnt how to play by playing and watching games (Mainly losing) :p

    And the artwork on the cards is truly stunning! I have a friend who picks all his basic lands on how pretty they are :p
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  8. its really fun watch an episode of Spellslingers on Youtube if you're interested in seeing what its like :)

    I picked all my basic lands to look like they are someplace where a zombie or vampire would hang out xD
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