Macro Mod Script?

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  1. Hey guys, I am in search of a macro mod script (minecraft mod).

    I built this on EMC and it works great! However I have to press and hold the left and right mouse button which isnt fun. Especially if I want to read a book while I watch it chop wood for me. I tried to ghetto-ify the process by sticking tape on my mouse to hold it down but eventually the tape gets unstuck.

    I am looking for maybe a macro that holds left and right mouse button continually? Or possibly you know of some magical trick for this.

    Please note, I would be by my computer at all times- In now way is this afk... just so I can read a book while it works its thing thats all. :)


    EDIT: I should note that these variables were added in 1.9
    The following environment variables now have off-hand equivalents:
  2. Are you okay with using mods, or do you want a program that doesn't affect Minecraft?
    Else, you could simply use the macro mod, if that has been updated for 1.9, that is.
  3. I use macro mod, looking for a script for it to do this, I am a nub when it comes to macros.
  4. Eh, should be doable with some slight research, but you might need some general programming experience.
    Sorry, but I hope somebody else will help you out, as I haven't got macro mod installed at the moment and don't really feel like messing around with it now that I'm not really interested in using it myself anymore.
    I made a script before that held the left mouse button and the forward key, but it isn't on this pc.
  5. I believe I have enough knowledge of the macro scripts to be able to make one of these, so I'll try for you in an hour or so. :) (if others want to also help, feel free to do so. :))
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  6. PM with script sent! :D
  7. If it works, it should be shared, though! :p
  8. Here you go. This is so simple there's no reason to keep it private.
    Map this to a button, then use that button to toggle the script.
            LOG("Autofarm Disabled");
            LOG("Autofarm Enabled");
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  9. Fair enough. This is what I sent :D

        log("&2&l[&9&lMacro&2&l] &6&lAuto Mine & Place Disabled.");
        log("&2&l[&9&lMacro&2&l] &6&lAuto Mine & Place Enabled.");
  10. Looks like our scripts are pretty much identical ;p
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  11. Indeed :p You used capital letters though (which I actually prefer...), and I have a "wait(0ms);" in there (at the endish). Is that wait thingy actually useful or needed? :p
  12. No. Waiting for zero seconds is exactly the same as not waiting at all.
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  13. I have been told that any auto-clicker should be at the same speed as you can normally click, so i think you would need a wait time.
  14. I think that because it's mining blocks and placing blocks, it doesn't matter whether it does it all the time, or just a few times per second, it cannot mine faster anyways. :)
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  15. Yeah with mining blocks it is fine, i am just saying that Auto clicker in general should only be as fast and you can click, whether that be killing mobs or collecting Dragon Breath :)

    Edit: I didn't see that they wanted to Hold the buttons :p My mistake
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  16. I tried both scripts, it seems that the right click is too fast compared to the left click (use chops faster than place sapling so the sapling doesnt place...) Will try with a different axe to compensate for speed, will edit post. Thanks a ton guys!

    EDIT: It is because it needs to be offhand on use key. Not sure why, but it doent place the sapling at all... almost sure b/c it is in offhand?
  17. What does offhand have to do with it? If you use KEY(use) seperate from KEY(attack), does it still not place the sapling?
  18. When I do it manually it works fine, when I run the script the sapling wont place. Are you asking script wise if I remove key attack does it work?

    edit: the issue is that instead of key attack staying held down in a way, it clicks.... seen here. Notice how the bar is moving through the pictures, when I look at a tree its clicking over and oer in a sense which wont allow sapling placement at that same time.
  19. Yes. You could edit the script a bit and do some testing that way.
    The scripts are virtually the same, by the way, so you don't need to test both.
  20. Edited my post above :)
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