[Macro Help] Possible to run command if a server broadcast occurs?

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  1. Hey, I need some help with macros or a similar mod that might have the same effect.

    I want to be able to run a command automatically if something in chat is triggered (for example, the away message)

    Is this at all possible? If yes, it would be super helpful if you could tell me how, but just an answer would also be fine :)
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  2. Is a staff trying to cheat the afk kicking system.. lol :p
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  4. That's not a bad idea.
  5. So this is what I've got and I'm not having any luck

    IFMATCHES(%CHATCLEAR%, "You are now away");

    Can someone give me a hand please? I've highlighted in red what I think could be problems...
  6. %CHATCLEAR% needs to be %CHATCLEAN%
    Replace TYPE with ECHO (I think)
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  7. Works perfect, thanks a ton. Any idea how to make it apply only to the server, and not when it's said in chat?
  8. I may get into making macros ..
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  9. There is a way, but I can't completely remember it. One way I can think of doing it is to replace %CHATCLEAN% with the version that retains formatting codes (which might be just %CHAT%, can't remember), and then detecting "&bYou are now away" - you might need to use a section sign instead of a &.
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  10. *makes note to troll AC one day* :p
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