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  1. Hi everyone lux here giving a long overdue intoduction (I've been here since march 2015 )
    My username is lux miles which translates to light soldier
    I am 6ft 2
    I love swimming and want to be a lifeguard
    Highly accident prone
    Live in England
    Love photography
    Any questions. Post below
  2. I'd say welcome to the Empire but I guess it's a little late for that :) Then I'd consider welcoming you to the forums but your title shows that it's a bit late for that as well. So yeah, now I'm wondering what to say :)

    So... Hi there overseas neighbor! (I'm from Holland, right across the channel). Nice to meet you and welcome to the introduce yourself forum :D
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  3. Well um Yes bit late :p But Hello! Im from New Zealand :p (New Zealand is also under you wing :> but not for rugby we are/will be the best)
    Hi :)
  4. A good friend of mine is called Miles. Your name seems to remind me of him.
  5. Nice ^_^ belated welcome to EMC.
    I'm in the same boat been here 1 month shorter then you, and never did an intro thread myself :p better late then never right? :D

    So considering your interests you do a lot of water themed builds?
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  6. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules.
  7. Hi Lux-Miles. nice to meet you. :)
  8. we all know smp5 and smp8 rule
  9. i always find the name miles odd it translates to soldier in latin
  10. 6.2feet tall? I'm 6.4feet, and will probebly be 6.7 when I'm 18, you're not tall :p (EDIT: I reat things wrong, I thought your name means "high solider", but I don't want to remove text after all :p (now I also understand that your name is Latin, isn't it?))

    annyways, I don't know if "Welcome to the Empire minecraft" is needed, but that annyways, also, if you even thought have anny questions, feel free to ask :)
  11. I've always liked your name.
    I'm not sure if it's grammatically/logically correct but it looks nice this way.
  12. i have a lot of growing to do yet
  13. We all do - a lot of growing inside :)
  14. Nice to meet you Lux_Miles.
  15. you seem familer (not as if we both work at the same outpost for like the past year )
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  16. Oh, you're that Lux_ Miles. Ya, I know you.
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  17. lol
  18. SUH DUDE!