Lucid Dreamers! report here

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Lucid dreamer?

Yes 8 vote(s) 36.4%
no 6 vote(s) 27.3%
i dont know 3 vote(s) 13.6%
Mabey 5 vote(s) 22.7%
  1. hey EMC lucid dreamers ! here you can tell us your Lucid dreams and stuff help others and post pics to help you guys!
    if your interested post and Join the lucid dreamers!
    Ill start by saying "I had the best Pokémon dream ever last night! but it was to short to last =("
  2. I tried to lucid dream once when I was in sleep paralysis, never again. It was terrifying.
  3. I was once flying over a crowded city because I wanted to. But mostly when my dreams turns lucid, I snap out of it.
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  4. You seem to be very into dreaming :p
    I don't really know if it counts but when I have a nightmare, I always somehow realize it is just a nightmare and say "Well... Wake up then ._." And I end up waking up.
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  5. Like this?

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  6. I had sleep paralyzes too and my mother tried to kill me in it. But no mater what doont give up and power through!
  7. except I was a trainer battleing ash!
  8. Well... Thats creepy. :p
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  9. yes yes it is when you think your safe first and then next thing you know your being killed
  10. Post pictures of my dreams? :confused:
    Well. Fun fact…I can only lucid dream. Last night was about how I was a train station, with a bunch of gadgets from the Seems. (Good book series, check it out sometime.) It was very steampunk-like. Clock warriors and whatnot. Then I terminated the dream and went to my dream menu screen to purchase another one. Etc.
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  11. I won't be sleeping today, haha.
  12. I want a dream menu screen too :p
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  13. Ooh, that's the best part! You remove yourself from the equation and just get to sit back and control whatever you want without worrying about yourself keeping the dream going!
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  14. I remember lucid dreaming that some crazy zombies were breaking into my house, but I then killed them all ^_^
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  15. rofl in one of my naps I dreamed of me as a dragon swimming in lava sary about huge pics
  16. Oh the irony, I have to go to bed now, good night everyone :p
    I hope I don't get killed...
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  17. good luck
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  18. Try lucid dreaming that you turn into anything at will.