Lost in the Nether, please help.

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  1. hi i was playing with a friend and he took me to a stronghold type house and then he brought me to another portal and every time i die i spawn there and i am so frustrated i can't find my way out please help me i am new so please respond asap thank you .......pianoboy99 ps. the players name who brought me there is neonkillah.
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  2. what server are you on?
  3. You can always look on the livemap to find your location, and you can zoom to find at least the direction you have to go to.
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  4. If you dont mind losing all the stuff you have, unlight the portal and die.
  5. i have lost all of my stuff already and the map is extremly hard to follow how would breaking the portal work
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  6. Please do not make topics with the title in all caps.
  7. would it spawn me back in town
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  8. It would put you at the Nether spawn.
    go on, take the plunge :)
  9. how do i break the obsidian with no weapons
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  10. place a block in the portal well that worked in 1.7 but I don't think it does now but you can always punch a block
  11. how long would it take with bare hands
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  12. about a minute and a bit
  13. thank you if it doesnt work i will come back with my answer
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  14. hi i am back but when i broke the portal and died it spawned me somewhere in the wilderness and i checked the live map and i have 3,000 brick lengthes to get back to the wilderness spawn area and i do t have a boat or compass so i dont know what to do could a admin come find an help me or anything cause i am really mad i love the server but if i cant play then it is useless
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  15. please help asap
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  16. Ugh. 3,000 blocks isn't THAT much. Stop whining, and start running.
    EDIT: Ok, then. Stop whining, and start swimming.
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  17. it is swimming and i dont know what dirretion to go in
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