Lost Faith in EMC

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  1. My respect for the moderation process on EMC went down really quick today, I'll explain the events below.

    So today, there was a bit of a debate going on in town chat about Online Dating/Loving someone you've never met, and people started getting rude with each other and calling each other names and such, but it was pretty light, fun stuff that I wouldn't really find offensive. But anyway, afterwards the moderator said that the next person to insult someone would be muted and I thought she was joking, trying to lighten the mood, so I said the following:

    "Cory, you're annoying."

    Literally everyone in the server knew I was joking and I was muted for 15 minutes, the moderator then proceeded to claim that I could of been talking about someone else and how were she to know that my name was Cory (even though I believe she has been in chat when others have called me Cory, and most of my alts have Cory in the name). Even after I explained that I was talking about myself, I continued to be muted for 15 minutes.

    A ton of people found this unnecessary and said it kind of damaged their faith in the Moderation system of EMC, and honestly I felt the same way.

    Also, I love the mod to death, she's funny and fun to be around, and I've never had a problem with her. But this was unnecessary.
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  2. I think I know who you are referring to. Your actions aren't completely innocent either. Let bygones be bygones. We all mistakes. We are humans who forgive each other. :)
  3. So... what is the point of this thread?
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  4. All humans make mistakes. But theres a time for everything, and when a moderator is saying something serious its the time to be serious.
  5. You intentionally disobeyed a moderator's request?

    Listen To and Obey The Staff
    • Listen to the staff members. They are there to help you and will not ask you to do unreasonable things. If you do have an issue with a certain staff member, do not use the /report feature; instead, contact the Community Manager via an email to cm@empireminecraft.com.

    And now you are bringing your argument here to make drama which is also against the rules.

    The staff don't just enforce rules. They also try to help keep the peace and we should be trying to help, not stoke the flames. What about other people who didn't know you were joking and reported you? Were the staff supposed to spend the rest of the night explaining why you weren't being punished? Joke or not you were also potentially giving the appearance to others that it was ok to continue and others were likely to follow suit.

    My goodness. You couldn't chat for 15 minutes. What a horrible fate.
  6. Pretty much.
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  7. What pab10s just said and you admitting by replying to pab1os "pretty much." Telling me that you knew did something wrong and choose to do it. From my point of view you played with fire and felt the repercussion of it. I don't care if you were lightly the mood up or have little laugh the staff member told everyone to drop it. Now if you have problem with his/her actions then start convo with are CM Krysy and you two can settle the manner then making whole thread about "Losing faith in Emc."
  8. I've already messaged Krysyy about it, and everyone else in that chat knew it was a joke, so if I get muted for making a joke oh well, R.I.P EMC.
  9. No reason to lose faith in all of EMC's moderation just for that one problem. That was one moderator on one occasion. It's not like every moderator is exactly as strict as each other, that's just one of those things that happens and we really can't stop.
    Don't take it too seriously, it's not very likely to happen again and it's definitely no reason to give up on EMC.
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  10. I have a feeling that trying make this one thing into whole spectate then it should be. Great made convo with Krysy now wait for a reply from her then making a thread bashing Emc and the people who volunteer to help it.
  11. From personal experience and explanations I've come to the conclusion that joking and sarcasm can be difficult to detect through any chat. From the information given, it seems to me that the moderator who muted you saw your statement as a way of being 'smart' towards the issued warning.

    In my opinion your remark was indeed unnecessary, even if it was a joke. The staff member gave out a clear warning, and all staff warnings must be obeyed or a consequence will be given.

    This whole situation is a misinterpretation and I hope we all learn that making 'jokes' and using sarcasm can create confusion and can be unclear through all chat.
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  12. wow! Well cory, you got your response to the thread. :rolleyes: *gawa mute incoming, surely*

    In all seriousness though (yeah right, have you met me) the longer I stay here the more... how do you put it lightly(well I guess that doesn't matter hahahaha) the more I seem to see staff interactions where the staff do indeed take their job "too seriously." It's not something I have a problem with on a regular basis it's just annoying when it happens. There is obvious infractions and obvious disrespect and then there is stuff like this.
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  13. I know the feel.
    Yesterday, i was trying to have a conversation with staff about a 'staffy' matter and they just turned me away. A while back someone swore at me and I PM'd staff in game {who was on the same server} and on the forums and then /report'd the player. Nothing was done until i resorted to PM'ing krysyy
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  14. Now Cory I'm actually going to have to agree with you on something for once. I lost faith in EMC so long ago, I can't even remember. I experienced biased opinions, and I didn't feel, "safe"' I guess would be the wording, reporting it to Krysyy. Several staff members are complete jerks, and the one I have problems with, after talking to multiple people about it, I don't seem to be the only person to feel this way. Now yes, your comment was sort of just to piss off the staff member, but it was a simple joke that common sense should've shown the member what it was. Now I sure hope it wasn't Crystal or Anon xD but yah, EMC in general has taken a major jump off of a cliff. Me, for example. If you piss me off I won't report you, imma give the same crap back to you. And what happens? I get punished. Does the other person? No. It's extremely annoying nowadays, and some of the staff members, and many players, seem to think they are ALWAYS right. And it pisses me off, and I'm honestly surprised I'm still on this server.

    I once got a like 3 day mute because I said bows working in fair was retarded (this was before it was a blocked word) yet when people curse me out the staff don't seem to care. What a wonderful server this can be.
  15. Like, only been muted one time and it was for a report that wasn't followed up on and the person that muted me wasn't on the same smp as me or the person that reported and never asked what happened but did respond after I pmed them with my "wtf" not with anything helpful just : read the rules. even though I asked a way to fix it. The second, or possibly third (i was a bit persistent about their apathetic attitude towards the situation) they did half heartedly say something... that actually didn't work... would fix the situation.
  16. Unless you're referring to a different account, this never happened.

    I understand that staff can make mistakes or even a situation might not go as best as you'd like; but that is no reason to attempt to rile up the rest of the community.

    And this was the correct course of action. Escalating the situation, however, into a thread with no clear purpose other than to direct upset and negativity among other players is not.

    Many of you have made it apparent that you don't see the positive, friendly community you once experienced and by allowing threads, such as this, that do actually cause problems in the community the staff would be damaging it further.

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  17. Heh... funny to see people be like "EMC is so unfair". Compared to many, many other servers, EMC is a very fair server. At least you can justify yourself with a ban, other servers just ban and that is it. Appeals are either an approval or deny message. No talking to staff about it.

    This just seems like you want to cause drama.