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  1. Hey guys so i'm am great at making lore for mob suggestions or items that you want to have that special background.it's 1.5k per paragraph or 5.5k per page let me know if anybodys interested
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  2. maybe you could give us an example of your work to showcase your ability?
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  3. yeah here is some lore i made for a mob suggestion i did The mob was a spider king here it is Lore:

    Long ago before even the empire was thought of there existed an empire of spiders.The empire had formed when
    spiders were first created by Notch.They were ruled by a wise and noble king.Who ruled fairly and with justice.Sadly all good things must come to an end.The King's second son wishing to be king but knowing he never could be devised a devious plan.He would trap his father in a cave of stone sealing him away for all eternity.When he succeeded in trapping his father and became king he ruled with an iron fist and turned spiders into what they are today.All this time the rightful king has been trapped away kept alive by the thought of revenge.He was freed by Herobrine to wreak havoc on the world.Now since the kingdom has long since fallen he has gone insane and takes out his wrath for being forgotten on mortal players utterly destroying them and so begins Spiderius The Spider King. me know what you all think

    This is the lore i made for it and this only took me like 5 min to do so let me know what you all think
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  4. I low key low lore writing and If you gave me a time period, item, and intendended purpose Id love to create some fancy lore for you :)
  5. gonna bump this thread to see if anybody is interested in this yet?
  6. Still able to create lore for anybody if they want see above for a little taste of my ability
  7. hmm. 7k ea? Ill be in contact ;)
  8. awesome hope to hear from you soon
  9. I can do cheaper if it doesn't take long or if i have already made some
  10. I Just updated my prices if anybody is interested
  11. i don't see where this can be of any use
    can you give an example for what peeps would need this
  12. Like if you want to suggest a promo or make a promo on a private server i can do it for that or if you want a lore book for a item
  13. Got some pretty good stories set up if anybody needs one
  14. If you put them in written books i may be interested in purchasing some. R
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  15. i do have a couple written books they just aren't purchasable right now pm if you want one
  16. willing to make the lore than pm it to you i do not have any written books at this time