Looking for simple sketch ideas

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  1. Hello!

    As the title says, I'm looking for ideas for simple sketches that are small and quick to make.

    Here are some examples:

    • looking for somewhat minecraft related ideas (or related to a mc skin)
    • I'll be working on these when I have free time so it might take a while, and I might not be able to work on all proposed ideas
    • no dark stuff
    • keep it simple
    • sorry for the quality
    • I'll be doing these with colored pencils (no digital drawings)
    • I struggle with landscapes
    Thank you!!
  2. note i think the like pensil gives caracter cools cool its like not perfect and dthat makes it cool
    and u need more skill or with digital art u can basicly add 200 layers to make like art with dept so
    this is like skil and i like it
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  3. Snad. (sand)
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  4. How about a Turtle playing Baseball!
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  5. mm maybe i am wrong but turtle playing base ball card
    note not reqeast idea for self
  6. I lost some of my drawings but they are used here: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/the-recycling-center-complex-on-utopia.84709/
    I enjoyed making simple drawings of random minecraft blocks, just to practice perspective and colors. (i do digital but that should work with pencils as well.)

    other random ideas:
    baby enderdagon hatching from egg (cute and helps practice rounder shapes)
    Minecraft skin holding torch in the night (good practice for lighting)
    An enderman holding your favorite block
    A minecraft fox holding a flower in its mouth
    an enchantment table with magic flowing around
    a glowing enchanted sword, stuck in a stone
    a little cherry tree or acacea bush in a flower pot
    a magic potion bottle with bubbles coming out
    a baby piglin riding a chicken
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  7. Thank you very much for saying that!

    Will work on this!

    Thanks a lot for the list of ideas! Your drawings for the recycling center are awesome!
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  8. Oh my I just realized I read this wrong as basketball instead of baseball, sorry about that!
    I will have to try again :p Meanwhile, here are turtles playing basketball xD


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  10. Love it!
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  11. Thanks! I'll still be working on the list of ideas from Progryck, but I guess I can turn this into a thread to show other art in the mean time if no more ideas are suggested.

    Not minecraft related, but I've been practicing faces in case I need to draw people.

    I feel super insecure about posting my art, but I guess the only way to improve is to practice.
    Thanks for being kind, everyone.
  12. I could really go for a lady bug, beetle, firefly... anything pretty, not creepy, just crawly.
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  13. This one was difficult because I was looking at reference photos of lady bugs, beetles, and fireflies and when you look at them closely they are quite creepy lol.

  14. I’m on mobile so I can’t post images, but have you ever seen those promotional videos for bastion from over watch where he’s overgrown and covered in plants? An iron golem in the same style would be cool. Like broken down in a forest and it’s been there for so long that it’s covered in plants and birds have made nests on it.
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  15. you aren't wrong there! thats why they are called bugs. They BUG you

    Using my inspired ladybug for a bit! thank you. And the hand with the lightning bug was a fantastic take on the idea that I had not had. But it brought back some very fond memories of chasing them when I was a kid. thank you. <3
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  16. Happy to hear that you like them!!

  17. Another non-minecraft related practice drawing from a reference photo
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  18. It's great to see you post again! :D And wow Palm, I love these. :D
    Now let me think of something... :D
    How about a pig that tries to climb a fence? (Minecraft pig and Minecraft fence, of course :cool:)
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  19. i alrady claimed a pice of art so not shure if i can like reqeast 1 again but
    if i stil can would like a drawing of a Black labrador dog blou beld around his neck if u rilly wana get in the details its a blou beld that the like botem is like 10cm of chain amd a blou dog bone shaped pin with the name diesel Brown eyes

    or if it would be posible
    i dont know if u have ever seen like automotive prototype
    sketches i rilly like how they make like all curved lines

    since its probely real hard
    u could choose the car or
    for exsample a
    dodge 1969 charger
    like rilly like the lines and the edges and roundings in those like drawings

    but if u diside to draw them both would it be possible to ad like the labrador standing on the car or laying on the hood or some where in the drawing note since this is like a prety big list i could pay 100000 rupees
  20. Thank you so much, 607! Sounds like a nice idea, I'll try that! :D

    Hey yeah no worries!! I can try that! To be honest, I have no experience whatsoever with drawing dogs haha, and very little experience with drawing cars, so this will be quite a challenge! But I will do some research. I once tried to draw a car and the perspective was really wonky hahaha. Let's hope I do better this time. xD
    Thanks for the idea!!

    I'll try to do these drawings soon, meanwhile enjoy this cool dude sipping some coffee. :D

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