the Recycling Center Complex on Utopia

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  1. (above Recycle Art by MoreMoople)

    The Recycling & reUSE Complex is OPEN
    on Utopia at /v 5716

    (above classical art adapted to minecraft by Progryck)

    The Recycling Center Complex was begun when the former Recycling Center went derelict back in March 2021. (this is the thread for the original Recycling Center run by EntityAI )

    A team of players discussed the idea in chat and a Utopia res was decided to be the best route to go - as flying through a shop is always fun!
    The residence was cleared of builds and prepared for the new Center in one evening with help from a wonderful group of players. There were also ideas bounced off of: draculas4231, progryck, unixbrain, red_of_life and others.
    Art was submitted by Progryck and MoreMoople for use in this thread - Thank You!!

    Over a couple of months, several players have made wonderful donations of time or materials to get this community project off the ground. A few of note are:

    the Utopia res (permanent protected) owned by KatydidBuild
    Redstone Sorting Problem-Solving & Design Ideas by Egeau and Ryko369
    Co-Builder and Redstone Installer and Super Helpfulness Persona Grata by DreamyFeather
    "Massively Wonderful Super DC" of Iron donated by Drasleona (<--paid to have me say that)
    Materials for the Build donated by Big__Kev
    and Many more build materials were donated by Other Players and they were much appreciated as the design wound up needing an dc of glass and an dc of cyan concrete! And quite a load of redstone and billions of hoppers and barrels and chests :D

    A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who is using the Recycling Center and donating items to keep it going.


  2. How Does the Recycling Center Work??
    All items in the Recycling Center have been donated by other players to help you get started or get going on your project.

    Donations include everything from the flight rockets, the diamond sword, the stone bricks, the golden carrots, and the wheat seeds.

    You can help by taking only what you need and donating back items that you do not need.

    Any item can be used by someone for some purpose. So get DONATING !!!

    If your project is over and you have some spare materials, send them for recycling - easier than asking for any takers in chat.

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  3. The DirtDepot
    has both dirt and grass blocks available to be donated to or taken from the 200+ storage chests.
    Facilities also have 8 furnaces for smelting, 4 composters, and multiple anvils.
    Added Lava Bucket filling station! with dripstone lava filling cauldrons

    The Enchanting Area
    has full enchanting area and potions brewing area. Water source is available to use.

    The Weapons Area
    has leather, stone, iron, gold, and diamond tools/weapons/armor. Arrows, bows and more.

    Villager Trading Area
    has masons (trading for most colors of terra), several shepherds who trade for green dye, cartographers, farmers and others who can trade for some of the farm items from the public farm next door.
    Lots of trading materials for free or nearly free are available!

  4. The Recycling Center is Open!!

    Please enjoy the facilities and we will continue to make small improvements as needed.
    Please make any helpful suggestions that you may notice for improving the Recycling Center.

  5. Thanks for this service everyone! Alright help get items I don't have in my sorting system.
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  6. Plenty of Dirt is available for anyone who needs it.

    Currently more stone shovels, hoe, and picks than the chests have capacity for!
    Anyone interested in a stone tool mining event with iron/voters armor?? Could be fun.
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  7. The artwork is amazing!! As is the recycle centre, great work everyone!
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  8. a few donated, fully enchanted weapons, armors for sale:
    look for the shulker at the pirate flag in spawn central area

    Proceeds fund the continued improvements to the Recycling Center.
  9. An underground tree farm is being finished.
    A bamboo farm is planned.
    A kelp farm is planned.
    A sugar cane farm is planned.

    what else needs added?