Looking for new texture pack.

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  1. Hi guys, I have been looking for a new texture pack for ages and... I WANT TO KNOW WHAT TEXTURE PACK YOU USE. PLEASE INCLUDE A DOWNLOAD LINK/MCFORUMS LINK OR SOMETHING.

    I have used faithful 32x for years now and want to spice it up a bit.

    • Dont do anything super cartoony (cartoon level of Sphax is okay)
    • Nothing over 64x Nothing over 128x
  2. I put on Misa's 2 days ago, and I have to say I am enjoying it. I have never normally used a texture pack before, but I could settle for Misa's. It is pretty good
  3. Thanks, I downloaded both but only ran at about 7FPS with them :(

    Looks a bit cartoony for me, but I might try it later.
  4. If Only we all Had gaming Asus's like me, but Alas, we dont
  5. I haven't used any 3rd party (not sure if I'm using this term right) textures in a long while, but I always loved Gerodoku. My brother preferred Dokucraft, which is also good. They're not too resource heavy either. They're both realistic.
  6. i switch off on occasion but most of the time i use Wolfhound Dungeon. i would say i use this one 90% of the time:

    other packs i like are:
    Dragon Dance:

    Herr Sommer Medieval:

    High on Sugar:



    and for halloween i always use the Nightmare Before Christmas pack:

    Some might be too cartoon-y, and my favourite one might be too dark/gothic/horror-based for your liking. but hopefully this list of the ones i use helps you find at least something new to play in
  7. Stay faithful to Faithful. :p

    I'd played with Dokucraft for the longest time, though.
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  8. Have you not found anything you liked yet, or do you just want to give other people the chance to share their favourites?
  9. I found a couple I like, but there are thousands of packs out there... gonna keep the thread living for a while.
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  10. It's 1.7.2, but I use jblue26's pvp pack.
  11. I just found the texture pack of my life, but its a WIP :(

    I cant stand when there are HD textures mixed with normal. Yuck! ;D

    I shall keep my searching on!