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  1. Hello all, I am currently working on making my own texture pack.
    At the moment its called the Simplistic Pack but I'll probably change it later.
    Also, its 16x16 if your wondering.
    Here are some photos of it right now:

    Oh and this didn't happen pascal ;) (It really didn't so don't freak out :p)

    So far I've done around 30-50% of the blocks, the armor, and that's it. I did the most common block types so most of the blocks you see often are textured. (I haven't textured any items yet, only blocks)
    Here is a download link:
    [Click Me]
    (Copy the file inside the .zip then paste into texture pack folder)
    I know some things don't look good like.. Netherwarts etc, but I am working on that.

    So what section of blocks should I do next?
    Also, what blocks do you think I should change the texture of (blocks I've already textured)?
  2. Aaannd spoilers glitching again..
  3. Thats pretty cool, I like it ;)
    And I am very picky when it comes to texture packs, I still use default because I don't like many of the others :eek:
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  4. Fixed for ya. For future reference, don't format tags.
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  5. Hmmmm, it looks so... what's the word? It's on the tip of my tongue... Ah! Simple. :p

    I like it, but I'll always use Default. I'm not a texture pack kind of guy, I guess. :)
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  6. Format Tags?
  7. Don't change font, font size, don't use bold, italics, underline or strike on the spoiler tag (unless it's just the title of the spoiler).
    So, for example, you have spoiler=title and the brackets, you can use bold, underline etc where it says title, but not where it says spoiler= or the brackets.
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  8. kk
  9. This looks great! I think you should do food next, as well as tools/weapons.
    What is this texture pack (16x16, 32x32, etc.)?
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  10. 16x16
  11. It looks really good! A great deal better than the texture pack I attempted to make a while back (to be fair, I was about 10 :p )
    I might make a new one too if I get the time :)
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  12. I am working on the tools now, I am keeping the same shape but making the colors a lot more constant.
  13. Just wow.. The compass uses around like.. 50 different textures..
    I think I'll skip for now on that one :p
  14. Next goal: Make every item in the building blocks section
  15. Okay, it turns out a lot of blocks are off-center..
    I'll update the link one I get more blocks textured.
  16. Honestly, this looks quite a bit like OCD, I think. Not that that's a bad thing, but if it doesn't differ more people will probably just stick to OCD.
    On other note, are you planning to do sounds too?
  17. This is suppose to be just a test texture pack and no
  18. I can't download it?