Looking for exceptional builders for a hotel / apartment building

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  1. Hello, I'm EpicPumpkinPie!
    Lately, I have been working on a wonderful, high quality, deluxe apartment building and hotel for the hard working players on emc. Rooms will range from 5k to the low 20k's. We are looking for builders that have experience with large buildings. I am willing to hire two, and the hardest working one will get a blizzard nose, the one that works less will get a 50k. I am willing to spend time, money, and effort on doing this right. Please contact me by commenting on this thread! Hurry, before time runs out!!!! -EpicPumpkinPie
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  2. Please do a 32*32 example and show it to me after contacting me! I'm looking for the best!
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  3. Comment if applying!
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  4. 2015-06-07_12.10.11.png

    This is my res at smp9 18425. That will be the closest to a hotel in my build list.
    I'll wait for a message privately if you want my services.
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  5. Come to utopia 5214 ;)
  6. I'm one of EMC's best builders, I will build a deluxe apartment build for you.PM for further info.
  7. i would like to apply :)
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  9. brand no just no lol
  10. Questions - Is this in the wild or in town? What smp is this on? Will you be providing materials? What style of building are you looking for, and how large (height, length, width)? How many apartments and what amenities? Cheers, thanks :) Here's some pics of stuff I've built, or pop by either of my res (1 or 2) on smp8, or ChumMiner's store on smp5. http://s640.photobucket.com/user/khixan/library/Minecraft
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  12. Lol