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  1. Looking for builders who can make creative use of the space given for my creation. These spaces will be later rented out to players at affordable prices. Builders will be given a space to advertise that is directly linked from the house they build. For as long as it stands (as long as people are willing to rent it).

    I included a screenshot below as a reference.

    I'm currently accepting bids to build homes on Res. 9055. Please provide a display house (either screen shots, youtube, or a built display) and cost. If you are approved you will receive payment when job is complete. This job does not provide materials, tools or labor. You do the job at the agreed price and I pay when complete.

    Houses must be built within specs.

    - House must be secure within space provided.
    - House cannot join or link to another house, or overlap yellow boundary underground.
    - Houses can extend past yellow boundary if above block height of 68. But must not compromise the security of another home.
    - Everything you build will be included in the agreed price at time of approval for job.
    - Houses on this Res. will be rental houses so keep that in mind.
    - Houses must include decor and furnishings.
    - All houses cannot be the same design
    - Only 1 builder per advertisement space.


    Examples of houses I don't want built. I can throw the same together and save my cash. Now don't blame player ikapela lol. ikapela did i fine job building these example homes for me and was paid for it.
    2015-06-09_16.52.31.jpg 2015-06-09_16.52.59.jpg 2015-06-09_16.53.55.jpg 2015-06-09_17.00.45.jpg

    Now i'll go out into the world to find examples of what i'm going for.

    Please continue to follow if your interested in building. Please do not SPAM/FISH/TROLL/PURSUE me in game chat. It won't win you future build jobs plus i'm setting this up so my Minecraft time is not used up chatting with people when I like to work on my creations and new builds. This system is being set up to create job opportunity's for players. I often get pvt. msgs. from people looking for jobs. Well I hope to create such opportunity's for creative builders in the future. The homes built will be rented out and profits will be used to hire players to rebuild and update older models.
  2. Compass looks weird...

  3. lol the screenshot was taken without the consideration of what direction I was facing. Also South is the top of the map to me in this case since my main Res is to the south.
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  4. Come to my res on smp 1 1794 look at that build I could make it for you. For further info just say something in this thread
  5. I am a little confused, it says to bid to build for you, but you are paying us? Does this payment include the cost of materials, creative effort, and time?
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  6. i would be happy to build one house for you! it would include interior decoration. what style do you have in mind? modern, wild west, medevial, fantasy, big city, steam punk, futuristic, or what?
  7. Hello, I still have a lot that people can build on. I had two cheap houses built and i'm building another. To show low end and high end house. Please continue to follow this post. I'm not looking for people to build me BOX's I can slap together a bunch of box's and call them houses easy. So for now lets collaborate and plan this out. I will be paying you to build a house explained in the criteria above in the first post. Just people will bid by telling me what they will charge. Then I will talk to each person to see what works out best for me.
  8. well yes lol, the way how it works is i'm looking for creative use of a 12 x 12 space at a cost effective price. So consider providing options. I'm not looking for a box slapped together with Quartz.
  9. I like how you sound. I said this in a previous post but I want to make sure I address you directly. I'm looking for creative use of a 12 x 12 space at a cost effective price. So consider providing options. I'm not looking for a box slapped together with Quartz. The house (creation) will be used as a rental home. Players can build almost any creation within this space just as long as it functions like a house.
  10. Just to tell Come to Smp1 1794 to see my build style also look at 2000 I helped that build too, My price would be 2,5k and It will be interior design, furniture and more. It will not be a box slapped together with Quartz It will have quartz but will use the space effectifly with 2stories or even 3 but the price will go higher. I hope you will pick me.
  11. And guys please don't pursue me for an easy deal in chat. We will get around to this soon. So everyone knows i'm about to update main post with examples of what I don't want.
  12. ok. steampunk it is. it's basically victorian style, plus it uses steam to power everything. not many use it.
  13. ok, I updated the thread. Now its more current and related to what I want. Still looking for builders for future projects. I just needed the first two built as examples. Just remember to put some creative thought into the creation space given. These spaces will also advertise you. I don't have much money to start. But keep in mind Doom Empires profits are used to pay workers. So if Doom Empire makes money. We could pay for more creative and bigger projects.
  14. That's the same as I am offering
  15. Hmm, I'll take some time later to try and find such examples of steampunk in minecraft. But right now I think your going to be next in line to build. So far i'm getting more examples from you. Think this one out and set aside some materials for the project. and give me a list of things I can get. If you want to see the lot size in person its 9055 on smp4. If you get the next job you will be provided with an advertisement space. The house you built will have a sign saying you built it. Then also have a button with a portal, to a space provided for you to advertise. Its up to you if you use it or not. But you only get one chance per build job to work on it. Next build will be after mine is finished. On lot number 2.

    ok, then leave your info here in the forums. I'll check out what you have to offer. Then consider you for next build.