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  1. Hi Everyone and this is my service to help everyone :)

    Are you tired of a dirt structure and just don't have time for getting better resources?
    Are you not available and have builds that need to be updated?
    Are you needing help getting ideas and building them?

    I have been remodeling/building up residences around smp9 as a hobby to keep me interested. I
    think it's my time to expand my services to other smps. I charge on how large the build is, the resources it will take to make it, and my time spent on the res. They tend to be around 10k jobs but prices do rise or fall depending on resource or job process. I tend to give advice to players after I finished my quota to insure that you have more knowledge of the build I helped to create. But other than that, be mindful that I am only one animatronic. Again, if this become popular... I will hire more workers to help me.



    Please message me details of what you want

    Back to business, anyone interested?
  2. Nice job you have here. I considered starting a building business, but I think I'll stick to the wilderness. :D
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  3. I think it's cool of you building out there but, I prefer to show off if you know what I mean. It all started off when people started to build dirt homes around me. I offered help and a price that was reasonable and bang. That is how it started.
  4. lol where were you when I started with my res. Not my res im talking about but all my neighbors in the past who would join build a dirt hut then disappear only for their res to go derelict and then be claimed by another new player who would do the same thing! In a never ending cycle it seemed like.

    It kept going like that for so long, I think its still going on but I claimed the other 3 res's next to mine so I wouldn't have to see that anymore and be able to expand my creations.
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  5. Well I just joined back just a month ago mind that, I am just trying to help the others who are needing building assistance or around help on their res. This is what the service is about. I got my brother around taking one of the derelict reses next to mine so we are 'sharing' land. We got mix building ideas but we get along (Sometimes)
  6. Bump, I am open for a rebuild
  7. How much would you charge to build an ocean monument? I would provide supplies
  8. I'd rather keep myself to the town for now. If no one wants to have their res rebuilt then I'll move there.
  9. uh... i meant in town... turning one of my res into an actual copy of a ocean monument. ocean monuments base is 58x58 so should fit nice and snug :D
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  10. I could try lol
  11. hey could you build a shop disign ( not getting the stuff to sell ) i mean like make the shop DESIGN ill be on in 2 weeks time
  12. i will provide things how much would all that be?
  13. First off, I need to know where you live and I will scope out the area.I'll discuss price when I am there. It seems that you have nothing, that will be a lot my friend depending on what you want to do.
  14. Hmmm, Will keep this in mind when Shel nukes my res. :p
  15. im making a shop
  16. I can attest to the fact that Clan does very nice work, and that the rates are reasonable ^_^ Check out my res on smp9 if you want to see some of his work, (address is 18426.) He did the first two floors, the wall around the property, and the entire landscape (including walkways.)
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  17. I know but what did you have in mind on what materials.
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