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  1. I want to keep my vote streak up, but keep forgetting to do it. Unfortunately, my previous dedicated voter is now unable to vote :( I'll pay 2500r for every week of voting. I'm not really sure how voting streaks and rewards and stuff works, but I would like my vote streak to increase twice a day so I get at least 14 streak increases in 1 week.

    If you can't do two streak increases every day, I can pay 1000r per week, for one vote a day, but that's less per vote than the 14/week option of course.

    I need proof that someone can keep up a streak, so I will only accept those with 30 or above on their own streak. You can reply here or PM me for more info or to apply. In case multiple people apply, I will pick the person with highest vote streak.

    Thanks :)
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  2. I think there's only a chance that you get 2 vote streaks a day if you vote on all sites. So 14 a week I fear isn't realistic.
  3. I will offer maybe some helpful advice. Topg you can vote every 12 hours. So basically you can vote once a day on this site and you can choose anytime you're free to vote. Its what i do. it gives me one streak a day. No issues. Or set a daily alarm to help you remember to vote?
  4. It is only possible to increase your vote streak by one per day, it is a streak of how many days in a row, not how many votes. You can see how it works HERE.

    I would gladly do this for you if you would like. I don't have much of a streak right now, I just came back from being inactive. However, I have 4 accounts I vote as every day, it would be easy to add yours to the list.
  5. I would pay way higher than 2500r per week for 2 votes per day. To have somebody plan out their schedule in order to vote for you every 12 hours, I think they'd expect more than a mere 178r per occasion.
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  6. Yeah, I think the pay rate for both options is a little low. It would be a miracle to get 2 votes a day...
  7. Actually the above information isn't fully correct. You can increase your streak twice a day, where a day obviously lasts for 24 hours. Thing is: the more votes you sent in (so voting on multiple sites) the lower the "rollover period" becomes. I don't have hard stats. but from what I've seen mentioned by Chickeneer this period can sink to 16 hours making it theoretically possible to increase your streak twice.
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  8. Vote streak can only be increased by 1 every 16hrs regardless of the 24hr clock. At most you'll be able to increase your vote streak by 10 per week at the very best with 8hrs to spare for errors.
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  9. I've been increasing my vote by 2 almost every day since the voter's competition had started. Only times I missed was when I woke up to late to vote. I vote at 7am and 7pm and I get an increase each time and only uses all but the bottom 2 vote sites.
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  10. Looks like the voting system is broken then. Noticed that I didn't lose my vote streak after nearly waiting 40hrs once. was still able increase my streak then.
  11. From what I was told it's working as intended. I did ask about this and was told it's working. 40 Hrs seems to long though. I think 36 hrs was the most for me.
  12. I still had a streak after not voting for a year... It had gone down significantly but I did still have a streak somehow
  13. "I keep forgetting it" And so did I. Now I never forget it anymore. Why? Because voting is now into my system (dunno if that's how you say it in English), I always vote before I turn off my computer in the evening. I used to quite often forget it, but now since I've been doing that for such a long time now, I really rarely forget it.

    So I suggest trying to find a moment on which you can (basically) alsways vote, for example when you shut your computer down in the evening, like I do. At first, like you said, you'll probably forget it a few times, but eventually it'll really start integrating into your daily routine, and you will end up (basically) never forgetting it. :)
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  14. This is because it's now set so that your streat won't go down more than 10 from the previous vote bonus, so it should have gone down by 10 after you came back. :)
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  15. I agree, but here he's talking about increasing his streak every 16 hours. That would take a lot of dedication... and an ever changing schedule.
  16. Indeed, I'm WAY too lazy to do that, even if I wouldn't forget it, but that is a guide on "how to vote once every day" :p