[LOOKING FOR] A Minecraft launcher that doesn't keep logging my accounts out

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  1. Hello there everyone,

    So for the last little while the Minecraft Launcher has been bugging me to [insert word of choise], because it keeps on logging my accounts out for no reason:

    This is extremely inconvenient, as this means I every day have to retype about two accounts before being able to log in again.

    So, that's why I'm here to ask, is there any launcher that doesn't mess this up? And if you ask, yes, I've reinstalled Minecraft :p


  2. The default launcher doesn't do this unless u do not do remember password
  3. But why does it do it for me then? :p Keep in mind I'm trying to log in with 5 different accounts.
  4. O set up more than 1 launcher and log the each account into 1 launcher
  5. But then it still uses ths same profiles file thingy, and will probably still mess up...
  6. This always works for me and my alts
  7. How many alts do you have?

    EDIT: going to try this now, thanks! :)
  8. Didn't work :/ Anyone else any ideas on launchers, or things I can do to fix this? Thanks.
  9. I have 5 accounts that I actively switch between each day. I am not sure what's going on with you. I'll try and see a few things you could be doing wrong
  10. The comments starting on December 27 here might help explain what is happening:

    Are you playing on more than one computer? If so, did you copy the files from one to the other?
    When you re-installed, did you completely wipe the Minecraft installation first? You can do this by renaming or moving the program folder.

    Are you only using the Minecraft launcher or more than one? Are you trying to play only on EMC or multiple servers? Both using multiple launchers and some servers were mentioned as triggers of the problem.

    One commenter in a different thread I looked at said he had resolved the problem by updating Java. It would not hurt to make sure your installation is up to date.

    Another I saw said that they had resolved the problem temporarily by changing their password.
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  11. That's a long post, thanks! I'm on my phone, so I'll reply in the quote, with *s
    Forgot to add this, I'm using Windows (7).
  12. I'm never sure how to react when I am told my posts are long. I proofread them and do a lot of rewording with this in mind. I am on a PC though. One person's thoroughness is another's TL;DR I suppose.

    Based on your answers there is a good chance that the three of you using the same accounts may be causing your problem.

    Also, if your sister and friend are not using the same launcher that you are then that would be like you using more than one to log in.

    You could try logging just into EMC repeatedly using two of the accounts when you are sure that the other two will not be using them to help you verify whether either of these are the cause of the problem.
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  13. I'm always happy when posts are long, I definitely appreciate them. :) The post had so many different points, and me being on my phone (--> without a mouse and proper keyboard) made me not willing to split it into like 6 different quotes, like I otherwise would've had.

    Now you say this, I do remember the problem starting to occur MORE after I've started also using my friends sisters account (yes, I have permission). I'm pretty sure she also uses that account for (different) servers, so, yeah...

    I really don't know what launcher they are using, I'm sorry.

    I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to say here, but I can say that I often enough login on all accounts when they're definitely not using them, and the problem still persists.
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  14. Logging in when they are not on online does not rule out that they were the last one logged in. If they were, then (I think) that they would have the last valid session token.

    I am thinking the first valid login might fix the problem then a subsequent one from another location breaks it again. To rule this out I am suggesting that you simplify the problem by removing the other users from the situation temporarily.

    That is why I suggest logging into one account, then logging out and switching accounts more than once when they are not playing. If sharing is the problem, the first time may or may not cause an error but the second time will not.
  15. Hmm, I think I should say, that also also my alts get "kicked" (not ingame), so I have to retype those too. No one, except me knows the password to those, and I don't think I've ever logged into a different computer with one of my alts (it's quite new), but that one still often gets the same message as in the OP too...
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  16. Just so you know: my sister uses the Deflaut Minecraft launcher, my friend and I are using that one aswell.
    (Yes "My friend's sister's accound" is my sister's accound)
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  17. Okay, thanks. :)