Look who I found

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  1. Great job! Go kill that clucker.
    On a side note, I though that you were jacob5089 >.>
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  2. I had the picture first :p

    Also if you want to go kill the second one it is SMP9 wild nether X= 241 Y=32 Z=174 (where I last saw it) :)
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  3. i still got 5/6 of em stores a round my nether base
  4. They must of colonized the Nether :)
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  5. What
    What are super turkeys
    What have I missed here
  6. Hellish beasts that hide in the frontier waiting to aggravate you...
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  7. Super Turkeys are, well, turkeys that are super.
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  9. They are turkeys, if they were chickens they would be called super chickens. :p
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  10. But why?
  11. was a thanksgiving promo that was rlly annoying cause at farms they would spawn everywhere and clog up the entitycount and they take like 15 minutes to kill each and atleast one would spawn while you were trying to kill another
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  12. I had to have killed at least 20 of those things...
    I remember towards the end of the promo I got 5 Turkey Slicers in a row.
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  13. i still have about 15 of em at one of my gold farms
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  14. I want a turkey slicer. What's a turkey slicer?
  15. These guys were all over the nether and incredibly hard to get out of the lava. Good times...
    Turkey slicer was a rare drop from the super turkeys. It's a sword.
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  16. I found one in the frontier. They are so fast and take so many hits to kill them. It ran away and I got blown up by a creeper. :(
  17. Great find! Did ya get a Turkey Slicer? :p this is what I would have done if my sword broke: *screen shots coords. Rounds back to base. Grabs a sword. Goes back to coords.* like a derp;)
  18. I hope you didn't kill the one I saw. :p