Look what the leprechaun left behind!

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  1. As Aikar and Krysyy were flying around the Empire looking for baddies, they noticed a leprechaun running through the forest. They went into stealth mode (/vanish) and followed the leprechaun to his hideout where the little green man had stashed a glowing cauldron. Aikar and Krysyy watched as the leprechaun told the glowing cauldron to make him lucky today.

    The cauldron glowed brighter and brighter until Aikar and Krysyy had to shield their eyes. When they looked back, there was a pile of gold at the base of the cauldron and the leprechaun was dancing with joy. He scooped up his treasure and told the cauldron that he would be back tomorrow. Then, he skittered off back to town.

    Aikar and Krysyy spent the next few hours disassembling and analyzing every aspect of that glowing cauldron. They then replicated the magic inside, made it portable, and mass produced it for the Empire citizens to enjoy!

    And thus, we present to you the Pot of Gold!
    Use this Pot of Gold once every 24 hours to see how lucky you will be. So far it's only been known to produce gold nuggets, so no wishing for a sports car =P

    You can get one by typing /promo potofgold for the next week or so.
    You can also find them at /shop for 15k rupees a piece.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  2. Just when everyone lost their hopes... BOOM a new promo!
    Thanks for the hard work guys! It's awesome :cool:
  3. Yessss
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  4. Very Very cool!
  5. Awesome!!!
  6. 3rd
    Sound kewl
    Edit: 5th
    Edit: save up enough gold nuggets then make gd ingots then blocks
    Then op apples :3
  7. promo not enabled, when this posted, server restart
  8. Yes! Great thinking on this one! ^-^
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  9. sounds pretty nice.
  10. Thanks Everyone! Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  11. LOL Really?
  12. lol to think i was about to go to sleep
    a bit late, but thanks :)
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  13. I Love Gold!!!
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  14. You guys have done it again!! Thanks for the Promo.
  15. wow, 48 nuggets in one go *feels rich*
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  16. Things are getting intersting!
  17. You two are thief's lol.
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  18. Sorry for the delay. this day snuck up on me i've been so out of it with work.... wasn't until krysyy woke me up at 7am (unintentionally :p I was apparently really light sleeping and phone sound woke me up since my "sleep mode" turns off at 7am) this morning asking about this that I remembered it was for today LOL.

    Also got a bunch more things from chicken in, not much public facing though, but some backend improvements.

    I will soon be back to working full steam on EMC, the work project is finally wrapping up and releasing soon (bar it doesn't blow up in my face and I have to emergency fix everything....)
  19. guys i totally found a leprechaun!!!