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  1. So, I was sitting around the other day thinking, you know what EMC needs more of? Random events held by me (and other staff that happen to be there). This could include joining us in the wild to fight hundreds of mobs and bosses for a while, fire floor events, mob arenas, and whatever else we can come up with.

    As much as I can, we'll link donated items from the community to randomly give away during these events as well (and I will setup another thread specifically for listing what donations we have in place for those events as they come in.

    These events will be random and unscheduled and at various times throughout the week. We'll give in-game announcements when we show up to do them to allow people to show up to wherever they are.

    I'll try and spread them out over various servers, so please don't complain if one event is on a server where you're to far out and don't want to come in one day and simply wait for another day to participate. It's impossible to have the perfect day and time for everyone, so the best way to make this as fair as possible is to make it as random as possible.

  2. And CHAOS shall reign mwahahahahaha no srsly watch what happens.:D
  3. *Here's TNT hissing* Oh mother of Melons
  4. Look at what ICC did or look at how many people ICC indirectly killed events
  5. Sounds cool. I like the sudden excitement and activities happening on EMC. I haven't seen it like this in a while.
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  6. Sounds cool ICC, love your games btw :D
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  7. *Edited and fixed
  8. Hehe...indirectly...
  9. Can't wait
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  10. Will this include blowing up TNT on Utopia?
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  11. I will likely donate a DC of emeralds as soon as the donation thread is up :)
  12. I foresee many mass player genocides caused by strange blocks known as "milky TNT"...
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  13. Awesome ICC!
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  14. an idea i made up :D
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  15. Glad to see mentions of Mob Arena!
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  16. Hoorah :)
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  17. So, as random a possible, will that also mean that every time zone will get a suitable time after some time? Like that it's not so that only EST people are likely to be on or something
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