"Look What ICC Did" Event Prizes

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  1. The following list is the current updated list of prizes and items that could randomly be given away at any time during a "Look What ICC Did" Event.

    If you would like to make a donation to be included in one of these events, please send a message with the subject: "Donation To ICC Event" along with what you want to donate. If it's rupees, send it to my account. If it's an item, let me know what it is, and put it in the first page of your Vault.

    Thank you!
    1x Dragon Egg
    1x IcecreamCow Head
    50,000 Rupees
    1x Ore Buster
    1x Nether Star
    3x Gold Horse Armor
    75x Diamonds
    25,000 Rupees
    1x Dragon Egg
    5x Aikar Heads
    1x Diamond Memberships
    1x Everlasting Axestopper
    50,000 Rupees
    50,000 Rupees
    50,000 Rupees
    50,000 Rupees
    50,000 Rupees
    1x Ore Buster
    1x 2012 New Years Firework
    1x Independence Day Firework
    2x Independence Day Fireworks
    1x July 4, 2013 Empire Firework
    5x Diamond Voters Blocks
    1x Stable Voucher
    75,000 Rupees
    64x Diamond Blocks
    1x Tikiman678 Head
    3x Gold Horse Armor
    1x Used Valens Horse
    2 Gold Memberships
    384 Iron Blocks (To Be GIven As 1 Prize!)

  2. Cool please try and get some time for the events that are reasonable for UK players. ThankYou.
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  3. Cow lets do an old fashion hand off.... You give me Aikar heads and I give you a bullet to the head handshake. :)

    Fair nuff'?
  4. Awesome! I will try my very best to attend every single event :D
  5. Awww, well it was worth a try....
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  6. Thats just hilarious...
  7. I just want the Aikar head....
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  8. He listed mob arena.. could mob arena come backā€¦ :eek:
  9. whale whale whale.
    I saw that supporterships are being handed out. Might as well just slap a gold one on me ;)
  10. Added a Labor Day Workbench from Mindlegokid
  11. interesting....
  12. Added 10,000 Rupees from DemonThunder345
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  13. Added 10,000 Rupees from slash14459
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  14. Please make an announcement before these events :)
    I never can find them
  15. Well the point of these events is they're going to be random and 'on the spot' kinda things. We'll do annoucements though a good 10-20 minutes ahead of time to get people alerted. :)
  16. say wha???? :O
    why u lookin in our vaults D:
  17. Its how they give you the items you won
  18. #neverknew