Long name supporters rejoice!

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by Aikar, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. Supporters who have a long name have long had to suffer with white names on tab list and over their head...

    Well, now they no longer suffer this issue!

    While its not perfect, we now truncate the name to fit it with the colors, so that for most cases, players can see their name in color now.

    Eventually, we will fix it to properly show colors AND full name - just thats a bit more tricky, but it will come.
  2. So long story short, in order to give you color, Aikar is cutting your legs off.
  3. It's only a flesh wound....
  4. What do you mean truncate it.... every other letter or something? Seems legit
  5. As far as April Fools jokes go, this one is pretty lame, Aikar.
    Cool to hear about this change though. Nice job.
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  6. Finally, I'll see my friend Actanonverba1994's name
    IN COLOR!!!!!!
  7. I agree with you.

    Aikar seems to think this is funny while we have a zombie apocalypse! Get your game together, Aikar!
  8. Good old British comedy. :p
    *May be bad language, I think at the end*
  9. FYI, my name now appears white to me in the tab screen, used to be blue.
    Also, and this one slows me down a lot...
    I can no longer tab through the names fast..
    I used to type c then press Tab and it would cycle through all the user names starting with c that are on that server.
    This nice time saving minecraft feature is now broken.
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  10. I've been having that as well as players have been saying they're been seeing duplicates, I believe that this is the virus, infecting all ;)
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  11. Ok thanks, but I don't really care about color, I just want my tab shortcuts back.
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  12. it'll come back when the event is over. the disguises are causing the problems but I couldnt fix that.
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  13. Oh cool, no worries then, thanks!
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  15. Meh, nobody is diamond in the TAB menu for me.

    April Fools joke, got me Aikar.
  16. Same problem here...
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  17. Fixed for me. #ThanksAikar
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