Long Lost Millionaire

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  1. So I am Nccoryg, and I have now passed a year on Empire, yet I rarely show myself in the community. I've made my million rupees off selling ores and promos for the past year, and I finally reached my goal of 1,000,000 rupees.

    I've made my home in SMP3, but never did much with my residence, its constantly changed and never really been a building. Some of the old SMP3 users will know me, as well as a few Moderators that I have chatted with and gotten to know.

    I spend most of my time mining, doing business with players, and working on my stockpile of ores.

    Soon I will be working on establishing a more "well known" presence in the community, so get used to seeing me around :)
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  2. Welcome old-timer! :D

    Ha, ha, I like posts like yours to be honest. Because it clearly shows us that what EMC is advertising (the "play your way" approach) isn't just talk but a simple fact. Dozens of players who each have their own different gamestyles or ideas and in the end it still works somehow :)

    Well, first and foremost I hope you'll continue to have fun on the Empire, that's important. And who knows; maybe we'll run into each other someday :)
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  3. Pretty sure I have seen you around on SMP3. Congratulations on your 1 million, thats always a nice milestone to hit :)
  4. Congrats on 1 mill Nyccorg :D
  5. Congratulation, that's a huge milestone!
    What's the next big goal? :)
  6. Sharing is caring <3

    Nah, congrats though.
  7. Congrats Nccoryg. I have seen you around as I'm also on smp3. keep on mining. :)
  8. Hi! :)
    When you say you're going to become more well-known in the community, do you mean only in-game or also on the forums?
  9. Seeing a ton of SMP3 faces.
  10. Hm, haven't really talked to you much, we'll have to fix that in the near future. :D
  11. congratz, i remember the days :) I joined back with 0 rupees 3 days before thanksgiving (US). Took me 5 Whopping days to pass 1 mil. That is my personal record :)
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  12. I've seen you around some BlackNight but I've never messaged you, we'll definitely have to change that :)
  13. Both, I rarely post on the forums outside of the Marketplace, so this should be fun.
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  14. Welcome to the Empire! I've actually seen you around a bit, though hopefully more often soon.
  15. Thank you, but I'm not that old, I only have about 3 wrinkles :/
    Long time no see Spy :)
  16. You've probably seen me advertising promos in the SMP3 chat or on the marketplace forums.
  17. Grats and welcome to the community (I guess...?:))!
  18. Congratz dude, I like your avatar.