Lol Srry Krysyy

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  1. I had to :D

    =P Srry
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  2. That's funny, Jus- I mean Wolffpack!
  3. I can see why it's not redeemed yet :p
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  4. That's just evil :rolleyes:
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  5. Haha! What a way to annoy her! ;)
  6. I think one is a Diamond Voucher and the rest are just pieces of paper
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  7. Look again (like I did lol), and you'll see the odd one ;)

    EDIT: darnit FDNY :p
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  8. If you can't spot the odd one out just move your head closer to your desk and look up at your screen. You'll probably immediately notice the glowing piece of paper :p
  9. I can see this turning into long thread.
  10. Oh.. wow ok..
  11. Just now seeing this, but lol. For anyone else that does this, I've redeemed a lot of vouchers in my time. My eyes automatically go to the voucher.

    As for those that rename multiple items and put them in there (cough someone yesterday cough), I actually picked the iron voucher out first time, then had to go through and see what else was in there for curiosity sake.

    You'll have to try harder than that to thwart me =P
  12. Gonna have to work harder and do a round 3 in the future.
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  13. I think this is a challenge. You've pulled this on yourself, Krysyy. :p
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  14. Bring it on =P
  15. Time to fill the vault with assorted vouchers
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  16. Can you enchant paper? ;)
  17. Yeah but the lore lines won't be long enough so a quick scan and I'm good =P